Tinder App for PC Download on [Windows & Mac] 2022

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We all have heard about his Tinder app at a certain point. This has been the most trending dating app for a year or 2. Its users have so many features, and they keep coming up with something new every now and then.

Tinder App for PC

Unfortunately, Tinder App for PC is not released officially yet. But as always, we find the solution for you. In this article, you will discover how you can download and install this app.

The Distinctive Features of Tinder App for PC

100 Million+ Users

The app claims to have over 100 million users worldwide, which is true. This means they have a wide range of people with us to connect to. With so many users, finding someone to spend quality time with is easier.

Tinder App for PC

Secure Data

On dating apps, you have to share your personal information. Still, sharing such important information with the world is never insecure. In Tinder App for PC, your personal data is safe and can only be shared with the person you want to.

Tinder App for PC

Easy Login

Unlike other apps, it is significantly easier to Login into Tinder. You can log in with your Facebook or Google account. 

No need to fill out those big forms to sign up for a new account. Just click on login with google/ Facebook, and that’s it. You can also log in on their web, so having no phone near you is no longer an issue.

Tinder App for PC

Communication Options

Most dating apps don’t allow you to chat with your match or require a premium version. That’s not the case with the Tinder App for PC. You can start to chat with anyone for free, with no extra charges. You can even send pics and videos there.

Tinder App for PC

User’s Decision

If someone swipes right on you doesn’t mean he can now start the conversation without your will. Both users have to swipe right to each other to have a chat or to know each other better. The other person cannot text you if you don’t want to.


You remember asking the other person where they are from in the chat. Well, Tinder App for PC solves that for you. There is a fantastic feature in Tinder called Geolocation which scans your area and finds users living in the exact location or city. That means you no longer have to drive for hours to meet your date.

Quick Notification

Quick notification is one of the best features of this app. You get notified every time you get to match with someone. The chat pop-up bubble option is also available. Even when someone views your profile, you get notified. You can now know who’s been stalking you all the time.

The Silent Features of the Tinder App for PC

  1. All features are for Free to use.
  2. Geolocation helps you find the nearest friend.
  3. You can log into your account even without the app. Just log into www.tinder.com/login site.
  4. In case of any problem with the app or login, you can contact their service team, which is available 24/7.
  5. Secure your private data with Tinder App for PC.
  6. Regular updates to remove any bugs in the app.
  7. You can hide your pictures and private information from strangers.
  8. Include interest to find you an even better match.

Pros and Cons of Tinder for PC


  • Secure server to keep your information safe
  • Available for all mobile devices
  • Free of cost
  • Chat with the person you match with
  • Easy to log in
  • Support all genders


  • Not available for PC
  • Login with a number is a long process

What’s New in Tinder App for PC?

There’s been a lot of improvement in the app recently. They always try to update and add new features for the user’s better experience.

  1. Photos and videos improvement in chats.
  2. Emojis and GIFs in the chat.
  3. Removal of every bug possible.
  4. Swipe Night, the popular show, is now streaming again on Tinder.
  5. Take pictures or videos in the chat.

How to Download & Install Tinder App for PC?

Even having so many options in a dating app and still not having a version for PCs and Laptops is really a downgrade for this app. But it would be great to use all these features of a big screen.

We will guide you to download and install Tinder on your Pc/Laptop. Follow these steps carefully to avoid any mistakes.

  • Search for Bluestacks for PC on google and download this software from any site.
  • Install this software on your device and then open it.
  • On the home page, you will find the Google Play icon. Open it by double-clicking and searching for Tinder on this app.
  • Install it by simply clicking on the install button appearing before you. Find the app in the installed apps list of Bluestacks.
  • Run the app and log in, and you are ready to use it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Tinder Available for PC? 

A. Unfortunately, the Tinder app is not officially available for PC and Laptops. Although it is available for all other mobile devices. And it can also be used on a PC using an emulator.

2. How Can I Use Tinder from the Web?

A. Tinder can be used from the web. Go to the tinder.com site and log into your account there, and you can continue your chat from there.

3. Is Tinder Dating Free?

A. Yes, the tinder app is free to use. All the features are free, including the chat feature and audio and video calls. There are no extra charges included.


If you are bored of being alone and really want to hang out with a new friend or want to find someone to spend your time with. 

Tinder App for PC is the answer for you. Look for your perfect match, chat briefly, and meet somewhere to know each other even more. Install the app on your PC and connect to the world in a new way.

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