Audio Hijack for PC 2023 Updated [Window 10, 32/64]

Audio Hijack for PC

Audio recording is definitely one of the most important features when it comes to computer users.

There are different uses of audio recording software like recording a call or creating an episode for your podcast etc. This is all made easier with the help of recording software.

There are different recording software that is available in the market but the question is which one to choose? You not only need the software for controlling your audio trimming functions but you also need software that can help you with recording audio on different applications.

And this feature is made available to you by Audio Hijack for PC. In the below article, we will understand in-depth about Audio Hijack for PC and various terms related to it.

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What is Audio Hijack?

Audio hijack is software that is usually used on a PC  to record audio from a  website or app.

Audio Hijack for PC comes with many perks like being able to add audio effects while the recording or even delay or be able to rewind the recording that is life. Audio Hijack serves a great purpose for beginners.

How does one get an Audio Hijack for a PC downloaded?

  • You can avail Audio Hijack for PC on the official site with just an amount of $ 32 all over the world.
  • The site where you can get your license key for audio hijack for a PC is
  • Once purchased, you will own a license key in your browser and receive one via email.
  • Following the exact instructions, you will be able to unlock the Audio hijack’s full version with the help of the key.

Features that come with Audio Hijack for PC

Below are the various features that come with Audio Hijack for PC,

Trimming the audio

One of the most common features in any audio recording software is trimming the audio. Audio Hijack for PC comes with the feature of trimming the audio thereby helping you cut out parts of the audio that you do not wish to use.

The trimming audio feature in audio hijack helps you come out as more professional towards your work. Audio trimming is also a feature that is very helpful when it comes to time management.

Editing Sounds

Sound editing is another feature present in Audio Hijack. The sound editing feature helps you to adjust the volume and different other features in a sound.

This sound editing feature will make your recording far better than it actually was recorded. You will not have to change the overall audio to edit a certain sound.

Record Multiple Channels

When you work with multiple forms of audio it is very important to own recording software that is at par with the technicalities of being able to record multiple audios.

For example, to upload gameplay, you will have to record both your and the voice from the game. This is all facilitated by the feature of being able to record multiple channels present in the audio hijack.

Sometimes, the voiceovers might turn out drastically bad and to cut them out and not destroy all your hard work, you just need the Audio Hijack installed!

Mixing of Audio

Definitely another important feature present in audio hijack is the mixing of audio. You can combine together different audio tracks and put them on the same channel.

All of this is facilitated by the amazing features of Audio Hijack. This feature of mixing audio is present in Audio Hijack to ensure the individuality of the two audios.

Noise Cancellation

With Audio Hijack onboard you will also get the feature of noise cancellation which is definitely important to keep your audio ear-friendly, isn’t it?!

The unnecessary background noises or clicks as well as other typing voices from the keyboard are all cancelled out by the noise cancellation feature in Audio Hijack. The noise cancellation feature guarantees you are clear and good-quality audio.

Thus making noise cancellation feature one of the prominent ones in the Audio Hijack software for PC.

Call Recording

Call recording is another very important feature when it comes to different businesses and the people who are involved in podcasting.

The call recording helps many businesses check their quality control. Interviews conducted on phone calls by podcasters need to be cleared for them to be able to podcast those interviews.

All of this quality control is taken care of by the call recording feature that comes in the Audio Hijack for PC.

Being able to record other sites or apps

It sometimes becomes important to record audio from different other sites or applications. This is also facilitated by the audio recording software, Audio Hijack.

This helps you maintain a balance between your recordings from various applications and additional sounds added to the final product combined with all the other features that are provided by audio hijack.

How to install or Remove Audio Hijack for PC?

The Installation and removal procedure is quite easy for Audio Hijack for PC.


Installation follows with you dragging the audio hijack folder from the download folder to any other application folder. This can be the permanent stay for the downloaded Audio Hijack for PC file. 


To remove Audio Hijack for PC you just have to simply drag it to the trash and there you have it removed.

For any extra components from audio hijack that are installed on your PC, you will have to uninstall them separately by going to the Audio Hijack menu.

Various types of possible hijacking and steps to Hijack by Audio Hijack for PC

Hijacking an Application

Hijacking of an application is a process in audio hijack that allows you to record audio from any specific applications available. The hijacking of applications also helps you time your recordings. This way you can do productive work and efficient work.

Below are the steps for hijacking applications,

  • Start by creating a session by clicking the + button.
  • Secondly, in the input tab choose the targeted application as the audio source. Once you click on the select menu
  • you will see a variety of applications running, choose the application of your choice as the source.
  • After selecting the choice of application go on to the hijack button and you will find it illuminating marking the availability of recording controls.
  1. Hijacking an Audio Device

Hijacking an audio device is helpful to retrieve audio from various hardware devices like tape players, microphones etc.

Below are the steps for hijacking an audio device,

  1. Start a session by clicking on the plus button.
  • Set the audio source to be an audio device in the input tab.
  • Once the device is all set you can go on to clicking the hijack button. The recording controls will now popup for you to be able to control the audio from the audio device.


Audio hijack for pc provides you with the option to choose when recording, in the form of, recording microphone audio, recording for an application, or recording the mixed audio of a system.  Audio hijack for pc also provides you with a feature where you can time your recordings. This feature helps you keep doing your work while you are not manually present.

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