VPNMonster For PC & Mac [Download Free Proxy App]

Plenty of VPNs are available in the market; VPNMonster is taking the market by storm out of such VPNs. VPNMonster is currently available for android and ios operating system platforms but can work on pc by using Android emulators.

This article will talk about VPNMonster For PC features that would help you to operate more efficiently.

VPNMonster For PC

Did you ever come across a moment where you wanted to visit a particular website on the internet, but your ISP has banned it in your location?

Or do you want to surf the internet anonymously without letting your personal information out? If yes, then don’t worry; VPN was created for that purpose only.

VPN (Virtual Private Network) is a connection that creates a secure connection line between you and the internet.

You can surf the internet with utmost privacy and anonymity and access banned websites, download torrents and even unblock streaming platforms such as Prime Video, Netflix, etc.

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VPNMonster is a virtual private network company based in Hong Kong. It’s a VPN available for android and ios operating system platforms.

It can go up to 67.5 Mbps and has facilities to connect virtual servers of about 30 countries.

Method Of Installing Apk [Best Method]

Install Using LD Player

  • Click on the Download LD Player button.
  • download the LD player Emulator then open the emulator
  • after open go to play store on the emulator and search “VPNMonster For PC
  • after search, you can download and use it. [This is the first Method]
  • If you want to use Direct Windscribe vpn For PC on PC then download an emulator and then download the Thunder VPN App from the below link.
  • After Download Windscribe vpn For PC, Install it & Enjoy.
  • Below I Share More Methods so read Now

Overview: VPNMonster For PC

VPNMonster is available for free on the play store, though to access some additional features, you need to pay 0.99$.

VPN Monster - free unlimited & security VPN proxy for PC Windows and MAC  Free Download | Apps For PC

Features Of VPNMonster For PC

This app’s most fantastic feature is that you connect to any server on this app with just one tap.

#1 Free

VPNMonster is entirely free which means no hefty fees for accessing websites or downloading torrents from websites.

#2 Unlimited Bandwidth & Speed

VPNMonster provides zero limitation in bandwidth and speed which means accessing the internet without being concerned about any speed issues that are sometimes frustrating.

#3 More Than 30+ Countries

VPNMonster provides the facility to connect to the virtual servers of 30 countries such as Japan, America, the United Kingdom, Germany, France, Italy, and many more. You get the facility to choose between any of these servers to access the internet through their servers.

#4 Without Signup / Login

You can use VPNMonster without registering or logging in through your account; it gives you the facility to directly connect to the servers without being involved in annoying logging-ins.

#5 Most VPNs for Windows work on root access but not in the case of VPNMonster. You can use the app even if your phone doesn’t have any root access. VPNMonster only needs network permissions so that it can help your devices connect through servers and ease your connection process.

#6 VPNMonster support works round the clock to ensure its users don’t face any difficulties though if any users face any technical glitch, they can connect to VPNMonster customer support by mailing their issue on [email protected]

#7 Unblock All Sites

Using VPNMonster For PC, you can unblock any website such as Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, etc. In your location, without facing any difficulties, all you gotta do is select any server from the list and connect through it. You access this website.

#8 Data Privacy

One of the primary reasons people opt to use VPN is data privacy; most website collects data and can share it online without the user’s permission. VPNMonster privacy policy states that it doesn’t store any data of its users and has the best encryption policies that the users can rely upon.

#9 VPNMonster helps you bypass the firewall and hide your IP address so that your identity doesn’t get disclosed on the internet. So hackers and snoopers can have a hard time hacking or taking information about your personal space.

#10 Security

VPNMonster For PC Provides all-around security when using public wifi; Public wifis are considered the place where most hackers and snoopers select their victims. If you’re using public wifi without a secure VPN, then most likely, your data is on the verge of being stolen. But with a VPNMonster, your identity gets hidden, and hackers and snoopers cannot hack your device.

The speed of VPNMonster with different servers can vary according to their location, but as compared to various VPNs available, it has satisfactory results.

Unlimited Free VPN Monster - Fast Secure VPN Proxy APK for Android -  Download


  • As VPNMonster is an android and ios application, any official version for pc is not available on its website.
  • But users can use VPNMonster by installing android emulators in their windows or macOS operating system PC’S.
  • An Emulator is software that runs android or ios applications on your PC. One of the emulators that are popular amongst netizens is BLUESTACKS.
  • Bluestacks is available free on its website; you can quickly go through its website and download it.

Steps for installing VPNMonster through Bluestacks:

  1. Open Bluestack’s official website on your internet browser.
  2. Click on the download button keeping the operating system of your PC in mind as separate download links will be provided for the different operating system
  3. After downloading the application, click on install and install the app; installation would take a few seconds depending upon your computer speed.
  4. After the installation is done, Bluestacks would ask you to log in to your google account to download the VPNMonster application.
  5. After logging in, In the search bar, type VPNMonster and hit enter.
  6. Download the correct VPNMonster app from the list and install it.
  7. After installing the application, you’ll be able to use VPNMonster on your PC.


VPNMonster For PC had made internet browsing a much safer place; before, there was a risk of the data being stolen if using public wifi, but now, through VPNMonster, it’s almost hard for hackers and snoopers to steal the data.

VPNMonster VPN for PC has also made users access the websites that are currently banned. This article discussed one of such VPNs features and other information. Go through it, and you’ll face no difficulty while using this application.

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