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App Name Zedge for PC
Developer Zedge
Genre Tools
Version 7.24.1
License Free
File size 35 Mb
How to Run On PC?

1. Firstly Install Emulator on Your PC, Using Download Emultaor Button.
2. After installing Emulator, You need to Download Apk Files Zedge for PC
3. Click on Download Apk Button and download Apk Files on your PC.
4. After downloading Apk Files, Double Click on the Downloaded App.
5. Let's Enjoy, Your App is Run on PC.
6. If you Don't Understand then Click on Watch Button, Here I Guide you Properly.

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Watch Video

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We all are crazy in the modern world to cope with the formal application and uploading in social media. In the intelligent world, where people are incredibly cosy, they provide a whole new outlook to their devices every time.

The most loved part is the background and outlook of users’ profiles on social media platforms and the device itself. As we use our devices so much that few things become customary for our eyes, and that makes boredom kind of sense.

When we open our device and look into the same old outlook of every application and home screen, then the creative capacity of our minds gets disturbed because we as human beings always love to explore more than serve.

We are adjusting and changing home screen wallpapers, different profiles on the various applications, and the notification we receive from another application genre—the most notable changes made to the calling and pop-up ringtones.

What is Zedge for PC?

Zedge for PC is a one in all application where you can discover various categories and genres of millions of wallpapers to apply on the vivid forms of your computer screens. Users can search different types of wallpapers of ultra high quality on the application from multiple inbuild sources.

They can take every day to their desire mould the outlook of different profiles, home screens, the lock screen of your devices. Unique and other segments of wallpaper creation are availed on the platform like live gifs, live wallpapers, 3d wallpapers, pixelated and more. Users can download and easily apply the necessary customization or changes in the application itself.

Download Zedge for PC to uncover the absolute treasure of classic wallpapers and ringtones in the application itself. Users can freely search for any ringtone part of songs and music from every part of the world and culture. When you search for any song, you will discover many ringtones created by different artists.

You can also create your own ringtones and notification pop-ups music, also search for your favourite creator in the application. Apply multiple customizations to every aspect of designs, and you can also share your creation with your friends on various social media platforms and become a creator itself.

Features elements to explore in the app

Download Zedge for PC to enjoy endless graphics of wallpapers to apply in the multiple screens of the computers to showcase new screen formats every day, customize and make changes in the wallpapers and enjoy vivid ringtones in your device for various works. From scratch, Design your wallpapers and ringtones to apply and share on multiple social media platforms, but all this needs a support system.

Here we have discussed a few features below;

Simple interface

Zedge for PC comes in a well-designed user interface to provide them easy options to monitor the whole programs that it offers smooth feasibility. Nobody needs a tutorial to access the application easily because of its simplicity.

Zedge for PC

Unlimited Wallpapers

Zedge for PC offers users the classic and endless wallpapers to discover various genres and categories. Millions of wallpapers with multiple segments like live gifs, 3d, and more for users to apply in the devices’ screens. You can simply download and use them by adjusting the wallpaper.

Zedge for PC

Customize wallpapers

Zedge for PC provides users with complete information and options to apply multiple categorized changes in the wallpapers for use. Freely make adjustments and create from scratch the whole new wallpapers for application, and you can also share them on various platforms with friends so they can benefit from your efforts.

Share with Everyone

Users can freely download and apply the vivid scenario of the wallpapers. They can also create from scratch the classic wallpapers and customize the downloaded ones in various forms to use them on different profiles. Afterwards, you can share any of those creations and wallpapers with your friends on social media so they can also benefit from them.

Zedge for PC

Millions of ringtones

The whole world is where you can explore millions of ringtones in every format and design from various genres and across the world’s cultures and heritage. Almost all songs and music can be explored in the application and can be designed by users themselves to apply them in their desired screens. Also, I can share those ringtones with everyone on various social media platforms.

Customize ringtone

Zedge for PC offers users varied options to control the application and customize the various downloaded ringtones to the needed wishes. You can freely mould the ringtones of different music you want to explore and apply them for multiple purposes, for notification and calling in the enhanced adjustments.

Zedge for PC

Explore the creators/ artist

Users can find their various favourite creators by being interacting with them. You will explore multiple possibilities of innovative ringtones and wallpaper by the competent artist when appreciated. You can mark them and create a kind system of playlist where users can discover the function of their creation.

Be a Creator

The platform offers users the possibility of being a creator by themselves; users can freely create wallpapers and ringtones for them and share them on various media so their loved ones can enjoy the benefits. You can upload your creation in the app itself and make them available to everyone. The application does not require users to root it from other sources while installing it on their personal computers. So they don’t need to bother about any security and privacy issues.

How to download Zedge for pc

Zedge is all you need to have everything for your enjoyment and fun. Whether you game, videos, songs, wallpapers, or anything you desire, you will get everything without any disappointment in the gaming app. So, download this fantastic app now without delay or waiting, and the whole procedure is mentioned below.

  • Download emulators like LDPlayer
  • Log in with your Google account
  • Search for what you are looking for, like the Zedge app now
  • Download and install it no time
  • Enjoy with friends and family for unlimited time.


Download Zedge for PC to apply unlimited ringtones and wallpapers of multiple genres in your devices or personal computer in a very effective way without looking for things somewhere else because it serves as a one-stop solution.

Users can discover and download the ringtones and wallpapers in the application, and if they need, they can apply customization to it or create from scratch by themselves. Share with their friends on social media and explore endless joy on the computer.

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