Nest App for PC Download For [Windows & Mac] 2023

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In the modern-day, everyone wants their house to be updated and better. Whether it looks wise or by security. There is a product called Google Nest in the market that helps us improve our house and upgrade it. It allows you to control your house with a single Nest App for PC and mobile.

Nest App for PC

This app is a bundle of valuable and impressive features to control and secures your home. I will guide you to download and install this app on your PC in this article and share some essential points about this app that will surely blow your mind.

The Critical Features of Nest App for PC

One App for All

This one app is enough for you to control all the appliances in your house. This single app can manage your house thermostat, alarms, cameras, door lock, etc. Your whole home is at your fingertips. Updates are available every now and then to introduce new features for your comfort.

Nest App for PC

Adjust Your Thermostat

The latest feature of the Nest App for PC helps you save energy by notifying you about the temperature status of the house. You can also schedule your house’s thermostat by the app, even not being in place. Mark the time when you want it to turn off or on, and you are good to go.

Nest App for PC

Smoke Alert

The device senses any kind of smoky element like carbon dioxide in the house you instantly get notified on the app. But make sure your alert device is connected to a working Wi-Fi connection. You can also silence the alarm through your mobile with a single touch. 

Nest App for PC

Camera Surveillance

Nest App for PC allows you to watch what’s happening at your home indoors and outdoors. You don’t need to be in or near the house. Get an internet connection for your app, and you are good to go. You can also watch the past footage of the camera. Hence nothing is getting out of your eyesight now.

Nest App for PC

Nest Secure Alarm System

You can set the alarm system of your house from your phone. And in case of forgetting, you get notified on the app. You are instantly told and warned by the app in case of any emergency or suspicious activity. Now, if someone is going to break into your house will be notified and can take necessary precautions.

Nest App Door Lock

It’s time to say goodbye to those keys you always lose when you need them. Nest App and Yale Lock partnered up to provide you smart lock that helps you secure your house smarter. Lock and unlock your doors with a passcode. 

Now no need to share those keys with your family member. Just assign them passcodes, and that’s it.

The Silent Features of Nest App for PC

  1. You get to adjust your house temperature from anywhere.
  2. Get alerts before your house gets too hot or too cold.
  3. Assign your family members with passcodes to use the app.
  4. The 24/7 available helping team never leaves you hanging and is always at your service.
  5. The Nest App is straightforward to use. Nothing difficult to understand and manage. Still, you get help by a demo tour to understand even better.
  6. The camera footage is available in 1080P high-resolution to get the right image.
  7. No entry into your house without your knowledge means more personal security.
  8. Regular updates to make it easier for you.

Pros and Cons of Nest App for PC


  1. Available for both android and iOS.
  2. Regular updates.
  3. Stored Camera footage.
  4. Best security features.
  5. Quick notifications.


  1. Some features require an internet connection.
  2. Not officially available for PC and Laptop.

Why Use Nest App for PC?

You can get many options in this category app, but Nest is one of the best online options with this many features. The app is totally free, which makes it even better. You get all those fantastic and valuable features in a single app on your PC or mobile. Not all apps give that.

How to Download and Install Nest App for PC?

Nowadays, most apps are mobile-oriented and don’t build valuable apps for PC and laptops. But luckily, there is a way for you to download and install this app on your desktop. I am going to explain the procedure by step and make sure to follow them properly for the app to work.

  • You will need the Bluestacks software for the app to work. Download it from the following link Bluestacks For PC
  • Install it on your PC and open the Bluestacks emulator.
  • On the emulator’s home page, you get google play pre-installed. Just open it by double-clicking on the icon.
  • Once the Google play store opens, write Nest App on the search bar and install it.
  • Once the Nest App is installed, you can find it on the Bluestacks Installed apps list. And you are ready to use it.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Is This App Available for PC?

A. Officially this app is not available for PC and Laptops. But you can download and install it on emulators by following the steps in the article.

2. How Do I view Nest Cam On My PC?

A. You can view the cap on PC by using the emulator installed app. You can also sign into your account on the site and watch live or recording of the camera surveillance. 

3. Is the Nest App Free?

A. The app is free to install and download on both mobile and PC. You can watch the camera and doorbell live footage from the app for free. 


If you want to upgrade the security system of your home and be in control of your house. The Nest App for PC is best for you. 

You get loads of features in this app, and there is always a new update now and then. The security and safety feature is the best in the market. With that ease of use, life gets accessible to easier. 

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