VPN 360 For PC [Free Download For Window 10,8,7]

The Internet can be a nasty place if not used wisely. The invention of the Internet brought many comforts to the human world by almost reducing their day-to-day hassles. Many businesses had massive growth due to it.

People got to know more about the digital world and learned various concepts through it. VPN 360 for PC is the solution to many.

There was not a single place where it didn’t leave its impact, from education sectors to tourism and e-commerce. Each of these sectors was highly benefited from the Internet. But there’s a saying, ” with great power comes great responsibility”.

VPN 360 For PC

Then the Internet came to a certain point where people were using it to steal each other’s personal information. If any website didn’t meet the digital reforms of any particular country, that particular website was considered illegal and was being banned in that nation.

To solve this problem, digital entrepreneurs came up with a solution that was known as a VPN (Virtual private network). It helped users hide their IP addresses and gave them access to banned websites in their country.

Out of such VPNs, VPN 360 is taking the Internet by storm; this article will discuss some of its features and will give you more insights about this software. So, let’s get started.

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What is VPN 360?

VPN 360 is a virtual private network made by infinity software. Other than PC VPN 360 is available on the platforms like android and ios and is available for free on the play store.

VPN is software that allows users to connect to different servers while hiding their real identities. It also gives users access to banned websites in their country.

Connecting to VPN 360 is easy because of its simple interface that helps users connect through this VPN without any hassle. VPN 360 for android users is available on the play store and for ios users in the apple store.

Though there’s no official version for PC available for VPN 360, this software can easily be accessed on your PC through Android emulators like bluestacks.

VPN 360 For PC
VPN 360 For PC

Features Of VPN 360 For PC

The top feature that a user looks at before trying any VPN is its speed. VPN 360 offers nearly 56 Mbps when connected to any particular server. It makes users surf the Internet without much speed drops.

Many VPNs in the market offer a limited data cap on the VPN, but with 360 VPN, there’s no fixed data cap; VPN 360 comes with unlimited data.

VPN 360 does not only work well with android versions but also works excellently with ios devices. Users with iPhones had significantly fewer complaints regarding speed.

Users have the option to connect to 1 server in this VPN. That is quite a debatable topic for many users using VPNs, but that doesn’t fail to impress you.

Users can access different servers by upgrading to the premium versions by in-app purchases.

VPN 360 cares about the users regarding security; VPN 360 privacy policy states that it doesn’t log any data in its server; even if it does, it’s being cleared once the user disconnects VPN.

When using any VPN, many users are mainly concerned about its bandwidth because many of them limit them to a certain number. But this software gives users the option to surf with unlimited bandwidth.

You can avoid the hefty fees that other premium VPNs charge for using them because VPN 360 offers users to connect through their servers free of cost. If you want to communicate through more servers, then there’s an option available to upgrade it.

VPN 360 provides users with an interface and features such that they face more minor difficulties, though, in case of any problem, VPN 360 provides customer support through which issues can be resolved soon.

There are minimal ads on the app because it’s a free version, but users can remove it by upgrading to the premium version.

Users can connect through about 11 servers when they get the app upgraded to the premium version.

Users have the option to connect to VPN 360 with just one tap. It makes it easy for users who are using VPN and its services for the first time.

When it comes to VPN 360 usability, the app offers much to its users. There are on/off switches in the app that allows users to close and on the VPN.

VPN 360 For PC

How to download VPN 360 on PC?

  • VPN 360 is currently available only in mobile operating system such as android and ios. There’s no official version for PC or macOS available on the website, but users can download the VPN 360 app through android emulators like BLUESTACKS.
  • Android Emulators are the software that helps users to run android applications on their personal computers.

Steps to download VPN 360 through bluestacks:

  • Download and install bluestacks from its official website; it’s available for Android and ios operating systems.
  • Once Bluestacks is installed on your personal computer, Bluestacks will ask you to log in through your Google account. Fill in your google account credentials to get started.
  • After Logging through your google account on bluestacks, in the search bar, search for VPN 360.
  • Download and install the VPN 360 App from the list
  • After successful installation, you will be able to use the VPN 360 on your personal computer.

Frequently Asked Questions For VPN 360

How to download VPN 360 on pc?

Though there’s no pc version available for VPN 360, users can use it through android emulators like BLUESTACKS.

Is VPN 360 free?

Yes, VPN 360 is free, but users need to pay some amount to use premium services to have the option to connect through various servers.

Does VPN 360 come with limited bandwidth?

No, VPN 360 doesn’t come with limited bandwidth; users can surf with unlimited bandwidth on VPN 360.

What servers are available on the VPN 360 free version?

There is currently one us server available on the free VPN 360 version.


VPN 360 For PC has made user’s experiences more secure and safe by hiding their identity from hackers and snoopers. It has revolutionized the way of using the Internet. This article discussed the features of such user-friendly VPNs. Go through all of these features, and you may face no difficulties.

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