AZ Screen Recorder For PC, Mac, Windows 7/8/10

AZ Screen Recorder for PC helps the user to record or screencast their mobile phone screen that can be further used for various purposes. Before, few apps provided users to record their mobile screens but had many technology glitches, and in some cases, people had to pay a hefty amount to use them.

Technology is evolving since the evolution of the internet; apps and software are being made to ease human efforts. People are getting introduced to screencasting software or apps on the internet out of such technology-ridden infrastructure.

AZ Screen Recorder For PC

Recording your mobile screen can be an exciting concept, and it’s getting popular day by day. So, keeping in mind what users demand, software developers are making apps that fulfil every user’s need.

Today, most people prefer Apps like AZ recorder due to their ease of use and interactive user interface. AZ recorder, compared to other conventional screen recorders, has proven its name in the market and between its users.

This article will discuss some more insights about the AZ screen recorder for pc, so stick until the article’s end. Let’s get started.


AZ screen recorder for PC is the Android app that’s used for screencasting a user’s phone screen. Users record their screens for many purposes, and this app serves them right. If your mobile phone runs on a lollipop or above the android version, the mobile phone is fit for this app.

Users who experienced this app stated that the app user interface is attractive and easy to use. AZ screen recorder has kept its services free of cost and comes with no-ads. It is the reason why people are considering using this app

Its user-friendly app interface also ensures users take a snapshot during the recording with the help of a floating widget on the top corner. Users need to tap the widget at any point of recording to take snapshots according to their requirements.

Currently, AZ Screen Recorder is only available on android applications. There’s no official version of the PC available. But, users have the option to run the application on their PC through android emulators.

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Features of AZ Recorder For PC

AZ screen recorder has the feature that shows screen touches. This helps people who are watching the recording to know what is being clicked on the screen. This feature enables the user not to get confused and get the point of the recording.

This help is very flexible for users to use. It provides users with the option of enabling or setting the screen resolution, bit-rate, lapse rate, screen orientation, Frame rate, and even directory selection according to their needs.

In some cases, users tend to forget to turn off the screen recording, and as a result, the recording goes on for a long time and acquires a lot of storage. Still, this app helps users set a specific time limit to video recording so that even if you forget, the recording will stop automatically.

This app also facilitates users with displaying the time countdown and record time for their video. For this feature to function, the user needs to enable this setting through a timer in the settings option.

AZ recorder for pc helps users to delete any video in case they find it not helpful. It provides the user with a delete option. Still, users also have the option to directly share the video from the app on any website or social media accounts such as Facebook, WhatsApp, or Twitter.

One of the prime reasons why people choose this app is its user interface. Using this app, people find it very easy to pause or stop or play the recording through its interactive operating buttons on the screen. The red blinking button ensures users provide this feature; just a single tap on it will pause the video, whereas a double tap will stop the video recording.

Some users sometimes need to add their brand logo or any text on the video and this app takes account of their needs. This app provides users with the option to add logos or text of any kind to their recorded videos.

AZ recorder in PC not only gives users to record their phone screen, but it also comes with the option that facilitates users to add audio while recording their screen. Users can add their voice to the video during the screen recording; due to this feature, it’s very convenient for users to record tutorial or gameplay videos.

All of the videos that are being recorded get saved in your phone directory with HD quality.

This app comes with zero ads and won’t unnecessarily force its watermark on the video.

And what makes this app more beautiful is that this entire feature provided by this app comes at zero cost. Users do have not to pay a single penny to use these features. 



  • As there’s no official PC version of this app available, it can be only used through android
  • emulators like bluestacks. This Android emulator serves the purpose of running android apps on pc.

How to download az screen recorder from bluestacks

  • Download and the bluestacks application from its official website by your internet browser

  • After installing, bluestacks will require your Google account to download the AZ screen
    recorder app from the play store.

  • Fill in your google account details and give access to blue stacks to carry out further procedures

  • After logging in, search for AZ screen recorder in the search bar of the bluestack application

  • Download and install the right AZ screen recorder app from the list.
  • After successful installation, you’ll be able to use the AZ screen recorder app on your PC.


AZ screen recorder for pc app has made screen recording so convenient that anyone with little knowledge of Android phones can record their screen with just one tap. Its mic features have facilitated many creators that use this application for recording tutorials or gameplay videos. It’s zero ads, and no watermark policy has forced many people to use it for a long time. This article discussed such features that would help people to understand AZ Screen Recorder For PC more efficiently.

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