Play PS2 Games On PC Without Emulator [2023 Updated]

Who does not adore PlayStations?! Everyone! Everyone at some point in time has had that undeniable connection to the PlayStations and have spent a good number of hours playing on it.

The best part about those times was that the PlayStation held more leverage than any of the games and their titles that were introduced through PlayStation to Play PS2 Games On PC without Emulator.

Play PS2 Games On PC

And this gave a lot of boost to the companies and developers for providing good quality graphics as well as gameplay. 

The games on PlayStation are loaded on it with the help of discs and with advanced technologies the PlayStation 2 can be loaded with games by downloading them online.

The downloading and uploading of games into the PS2 is conducted by PS2 ISOs.

The games that are introduced on PS2 are getting quite popular among people and it definitely everyone has at some point wanted to play them.

But ensuring play PS2 games on PC without emulator availability is an issue of concern especially when you do not have a PlayStation 2 at your home and instead, you own a PC.

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How to play PS2 games on PC without emulator?

Now, PS2 games definitely can be played on PC with the help of discs or emulators but the question is, Is there a path to play PS2 games on PC without an emulator? There definitely is a way to work out PS2 games on your PC without an emulator.

The software that comes in handy while trying to play PS2 games on PC is PCSX2.

  1. You will have to go through a few steps to finally be able to play PS2 games on PC without an emulator. Below are the steps you need to follow,
  • The first step in the direction of being able to play PS2 games on your PC is to get PCSX2 software downloaded on your PC. There are two types of ways the PCSX2 file is available in one is the WinRAR file other is the Direct Setup both workout equally fine.
  • The next step following the download of PCSX2 is to get it extracted if you happen to download the WinRAR file. After the process to extract the file, why delay in installing it?!
  • The next step would be the very necessary requirement of PCSX2 BIOS. Therefore get it installed and finally get into another step.
  • The step of following the PCSX2 BIOS installation is to get the document folder on your PC open.
  • On opening the document folder you have to take your cursor to the pcx2 folder and right-click on it. Going to the rename option, get the folder renamed as PCSX2 0.1.1.
  • The next step is creating a new folder and naming it PCSX2. This new folder will be the house for every file and the BIOS data will get saved here.
  • The next step in the process of playing the PS2 games on your PC is to move the PCSX2 folder you created to PCSX2 0.1.1.
  • The next step is to open the PCSX2 1.4.0 folder on the desktop and get it running.
  • After clicking the PCSX2 1.4.0 folder you will see that a window appears in front of you seeking permission for the first-time configuration of PCSX2. Here you will have to select the option most optimal for your PC.
  • Next, you will have to browse through your PC documents and select the BIOS.
  • You are given the option to alter the BIOS according to you if you want to.

Configuration of keyboard settings to facilitate playing PS2 games on PC without an Emulator

Configuration of keyboard settings to facilitate playing PS2 games on PC without an Emulator

Below are the steps required for the configuration of a keyboard,

  • First step is to open the PCSX2 1.4.0.
  • Next there will be an option provided for configuration, after that you have to go into controllers and then the plugin settings.
  • You will see a window appearing and just have to click on pad 1. Here you can configure the settings of the controller according to your convenience.

Some recommendations for play PS2 games on PC without Emulator

Below mentioned are some of the best recommendations for playing PS2 games on PC without Emulator

1. Resident Evil 4

No one who is known to technology can deny having heard the name of Resident Evil 4. resident evil 4 is one of those games which are the most popular among all the PS2 games available.

This classic game helps you play as the main lead who is known by the name of Leon S. Kennedy. Leon in the game is portrayed as a US agent who is deployed on a mission revolving around the abduction of the President’s daughter.

The game will give you the thrill of fighting off zombies and completing your task while you are at it. Therefore making Resident Evil 4 one of the top for being tried out on your PC.

2. Dragon Ball Z: Budokai Tenkaichi

Another very popular game from PS2 that definitely should be on your list of PS2 games is  Dragon Ball Z. It has been explained by many gamers all over the world to be one of the best games on PS2.

The game is unknown to be in no comparison with any Anime, Manga or any other thing of that sort.

The game has proven its worth and stands unbeatable among the PS2 games available. Not only does the game provide you with an amazing storyline but also with awe-striking gameplay as well as you get to be your favourite character of yours from Dragon Ball Z! What more can you ask for?!

The game not only has your favourite characters but you also get to experience the different combos transformations and special attacks that are designated to a certain character of Dragon Ball Z.

3. God of War

Who doesn’t love the God of war franchise? Of course, everyone loves it! This PS2 game which is highly rated among all the PS2 games, is a must for you to play on your PC.

You get to play the protagonist who is named Kratos. The game displays the journey of Kratos through different missions and goals to finally get to destroying the God of war, Ares.

If mythological games and storyline is your thing then definitely you will fall in love with God of war and all the storyline revolving around Kratos as the protagonist. God of war is definitely the game that should be on your list.

4. Grand Theft Auto III

Grand theft auto III the franchise of this very game has been very popular among the gamer society all across the world.

Not only does the game provide you with a great storyline but the game also has the feature of collaboration with another player in online mode.

The online mode is definitely one of the most attractive features of grand theft auto 3. you should definitely try the game and experience the amazing world yourself!

Conclusion Of play PS2 games on PC without an Emulator

The conclusion that we shout through the above write-up is that there is definitely a way to play PS2 games on PC without Emulator actually buying the PS2.

It’s as simple as the few steps that have been mentioned in the article above for you to enjoy the best and awe-strikingly amazing set of PS2 games.

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