How To Swipe On Instagram PC [Guide]

How To Swipe On Instagram PC: Social media is a busy platform that allows users to advertise their business and access it for personal use. Instagram is one of the frequently used social media which is available on a mobile platform. With that, this application is also available in the PC version, and desktop users like to access the all advanced features of this software.

How To Swipe On Instagram PC [Guide]

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Exciting features and benefits of Instagram

You can upload and share images, photos, and videos with followers, fans, family, and friends. Adding a caption, tweak settings, edit filters, and other exciting features are available in the Instagram application. Some people are using this software for communication and creating awareness about public issues. This platform changes every message into viral content within a second

The purpose of scrolling or swiping on Instagram

Mobile users can easily perform swipe in the android version of Instagram. With this feature, users can upload multiple images on a single post. You can able to share all the likes and comments through the post. The Instagram application was also released on Windows 10 platform. But, Pc users do not know to scroll or swipe in both left and right directions. So, they are raising the question of how to swipe on the Instagram pc version.

How To Swipe On Instagram PC version?

In our article, pc users will get the right answer to this question. So, never worry about viewing and uploading multiple images on PC. The swipe feature in Instagram is more supportive and easily accessible on different gadgets running on Windows 10.

Methods to follow for swiping in the Instagram pc version

Method 1: (Trackpad) – How To Swipe On Instagram PC

If you have a touch screen on your laptop or PC, then you will use a trackpad to swipe it. By using your two fingers, you can swipe in the left and right direction using a trackpad. This method will work on your pc. If you don’t have a trackpad, then follow the below methods.

Method 2: (Upgrade version) – How To Swipe On Instagram PC

The updated version of Instagram has left and right navigation buttons. This will help you to swipe images in both the left and right directions. Try to install the updated version of Instagram on your Pc to access this feature. If you have an older version, then try to upgrade this software.

Method 3: (Four-way scroll mouse) – How To Swipe On Instagram PC

The last method is using a four-way scroll mouse to access this feature. If you want to swipe the images left and right directions, then you must need to buy this type of mouse. For example, the Logitech m500 is a type of mouse which offer a four-way scrolling feature for the user to perform left scroll and right scroll. When you press the right scroll, then it swipes right and if you press the left scroll, then it swipes the left


We hope that this article will surely help you know the different ways to perform scrolling on Instagram. Nowadays, a large number of people use this Instagram application on their smartphones. Only a few people like to install the Instagram pc version on their desktops or laptops.

This is one of the main reason for people forgets the presence of this feature. You can share your experience of using these methods with your friends, relatives, and family. We expect your valuable comments and feedback about this information.

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