Aptoide for PC Free Download on [Windows 7/8/10 & Mac]

Alternative Tools: Huawei Hisuite for PC

Every Mobile and PC is incomplete without the apps. These apps are available on different app stores, and we have found one that will be great for you. And you can get thousands of apps there, and Aptoide for PC is the store I am talking about.

Aptoide for PC

This app is being used by over 300 million people over the world. But still, there has yet to be a version released for PCs and laptops. But be with us in this article, and we will help you download and install it on your PC.

The Amazing Features of Aptoide for PC

A Million Apps

In this app store, every device needs millions of apps and other essential software. There are thousands of developers working to provide you with every app you need at a certain point. 

And others are charging for some apps, and here you can find them accessible. With so many variations, every user of this store is satisfied.

No Geo-Restrictions

Typically, every app store works in a specific format. They have divided their supply of apps based on locations. And sometimes, the developer restricts you from using that app. 

That’s not the case in Aptoide for PC. Everything is available for you to use and download without any restrictions.

Create Your Own channel

You can make your own channel on this app store and provide your product to the world. Build your own app or game, display it on the store, and let others use and rate it. If the app is worthy and liked by the users, it will grow and become famous over time.

Aptoide for PC

Best Security

We are installing the app on our device, ultimately allowing it to be in contact with the information on our machine. Any bug could be a significant loss for us, and Aptoide for PC takes care of this. 

The store’s security system is top-notch, and your personal data is entirely secure while installing any app from the store.

Great Recommendation

We all tire of searching for the app we need by its full name, and On Aptoide, you get your favorite apps already suggested to download. The store views your app usage, makes an algorithm related to that, and presents the apps and games you might like and would want to download.

User Privacy

Aptoide for PC pays excellent attention to the user’s privacy. They don’t require any registration from their user to download any apps or games. You can install any app from this store without any login or log up. While on other app stores, you must log in to install anything.

Aptoide TV

There is another fantastic feature in the Aptoide store you cannot find in any other app store. Aptoide has launched an app store for your Android TV. For free, you can install hundreds of streaming and entertainment apps like Netflix, YouTube, Plex, and many more.

The Some Other Features of Aptoide for PC

  1. Download the apps without signing in.
  2. You can follow the stores that create your favourite apps to be alert when they build something new for you.
  3. This app store size is way smaller than the google play store.
  4. Aptoide for PC provides you with different themes to choose from.
  5. Some of the paid apps are available here for free.
  6. Apps are easy to update.
  7. The app store itself keeps updating to provide proper functioning for its user.

The Pros & Cons of Aptoide for PC


  • Easy to install apps.
  • Many premium apps are also free.
  • Works on all android devices.
  • Regular updates.
  • Available in every country.


  • Not available for PC and Laptops.
  • It is Illegal because of providing premium apps for free.

Why Use the Aptoide for PC?

Aptoide has many apps and games to enjoy, but installing them on our PC would still be much better. All these features and functions are fantastic to have on your device. But using them all on a bigger screen is another experience.

Installing it on your PC would allow you to download different apps and games on your desktop and experience them on giant screens.

How to Download and Install Aptoide for PC?

Having so many fantastic features and qualities in a single app. It would seem much more if it could be used on a PC. 

Although it cannot be installed on our desktop devices directly, we will help you download and install this app. Follow these steps to make sure the store works perfectly.

  • You will have to install an emulator on your device. BlueStacks is the best one in the market. Download it from this link Download BlueStacks for PC and Install it.
  • Now search Aptoide for PC APK files on your browser.
  • Download the APK file from the browser into your PC.
  • Locate the downloaded Aptoide file in the file manager of BlueStacks and install it.
  • Open the store there, and you can download any app you want.

FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions

1. Is Aptoide Safe for the Device? 

A. Yes, this app store is declared totally secure and safe for your mobile or PC by many official app securing companies, both data and virus-wise. There is no harm to your device in using this app store.

2. Is Aptoide Available for PC?

A. It is not available for PC officially. But you can download and install this app store on your PC or Laptop by following the steps mentioned in this article.

3. What is Aptoide TV?

A. Aptoide TV is the app store Aptoide has released for android TV to install different apps for the TV screen. All the apps are for free there too.


After reading these features, you should install this app on your PC or mobile. I would advise you the same. Give Aptoide for PC a try, and you will never return to your old app store.

All these free features would be more fun to use on your PC and Laptop. So install it on your desktop device too.

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