Tongbu For PC [Tongbu Assistant Download for Windows 10, 8, 7]

Now users have access to many software applications that they find difficult to choose any particular application and manage them efficiently. It becomes quite a tough job for multitasking between so many applications at once.

To ease that process, apps like Tongbu and Tongbu for PC provides users to manage all the content that their cellphone has in one place.

It becomes pretty easy for users to manage all the stuff in one place. This article will discuss similar features that you can experience in this app and make your digital experience more advanced.

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Tongbu For PC

Tongbu For PC

Digital evolution brought many changes in the lives of many people. We get to introduce ourselves to the world of mobile phones. And further, the time passed mobile phones started to get more advanced.

New operating systems such as ios, android got introduced to the digital world, these operating systems were introduced to ease human efforts, and more and more software applications started to come and contribute to this evolution.

What is Tongbu?

Tongbu is a mobile application that helps manage all content available on your mobile phone in one place. Tongbu is currently available on the platforms like ios and android. You can also access tongbu on PC through its tongbu assistant version.

Tongbu not only manages your content but also provides you with the option to download other applications and games. With tongbu assistant, users can manage the apps and the content of their phones on their PC.

Users can download tongbu assistant directly from its website; the size is less than two MB and can be downloaded as the trial version. Users need to buy its premium version to access additional features such as downloading apps or games for jailbroken iPhones or managing miscellaneous content.

Tongbu For PC

Features Of Tongbu For PC

If you’re looking for software that provides management of your device that runs on either android or ios, then tongbu assistant is the one-stop solution for it.

This software provides the facility of controlling and managing your cell phone content from the pc itself. It gives the option for users to download any app, game, or sports on the mobile while remotely controlling it from their personal computer.

It gives the option to install or download any application, and it also provides the opportunity to uninstall any app if you didn’t find the app helpful.

Tongbu comes with a simple UI that makes it easier to use, and users face no problems while using this app due to its well-structured buttons, which look attractive and pleasant on the same hand.

This software likes to keep its interface clean and fast, so users may experience frequent software or firmware updates so that there’s no place for bugs and glitches in the app.

It also gives users the option of managing their media libraries directly from their cellphones, sometimes to more images. It becomes hard to manage it. This feature allows users to delete or add any pictures or videos on their phones remotely directly from their personal computers.

This app provides you with the option of transferring any data from your personal computer to your mobile phone directly.

Not only you can send or receive data, but tongbu also gives you the option to manage your contacts. You can add or remove contacts in your phone as per your preference remotely from your Personal Computer.

Coming after contacts, Tongbu helps in managing text messages as well; users can read their messages directly from the app without using their mobile phones.

In case your mobile phone contains any files that you find not helpful, you get the option to delete that file from your personal computer itself.

Tongbu also gives an option to delete your phone browsing history, cache, and other miscellaneous scripts that are just increasing your data memory.

If you ever had difficulties remembering the passwords of various accounts, then tongbu provides you with an option to remember those passwords and use them when necessary.

The most popular reason people like to use this app is that this app gives users access to download free apps and games from an unauthorized app.

Tongbu is available for operating systems such as Windows 7,8,10, and Mac.

Tongbu file size is so tiny that it requires only one MB of space in your computer.

Yet being small in size, tongbu provides users a lag and glitch-free experience. Users might not face any speed issues while using this application.

This software not only manages conventional mobile phones but can also manage content on mobile phones that are jailbreak.

Like any other cell phone, this software helps the user with jailbreak to manage their content on their personal computer through this app.

Tongbu for pc also helps to download any software or firmware updates on your mobile phone through this app.

Tongbu tracks storage space and gives users notifications if the storage space is running out.

With this app, users will have no difficulties keeping track of their chat and call logs. Users have the facility to manage all this remotely through their personal computers.

It also provides users with the option to easily backup or restore their data whenever it’s required.

Tongbu app is considered to be one of the most popular content manager apps.

How To Use Tongbu For PC Or Tongbu Assistant

  • Just Download the Tangbu.exe File on your PC,
  • Install and start using Tongbu On your PC Instantly.

Frequently Asked questions – Tongbu For PC

Is tongbu compatible with the Windows operating system?

Yes, Tongbu is available for windows 7,8,10 versions; users can easily download it according to their Personal computer’s operating system.

Does Tongbu work with Jailbreak devices?

Yes, Tongbu can manage content on jailbreak devices as well.

What is the size of tongbu?

Tongbu will consume about 1.01 MB of your storage space on your PC.


If you ever wanted an app that can manage much of your cell phone content in one place and without much hassle, then tongbu is the right app to consider. Tongbu for pc or Tongbu Assistant provides overall management of the content of your mobile phone remotely from the desktop. You transfer, receive, delete data, keep track of your chat logs, and download and install games and applications on your mobile phones. And the best part, it also works with jailbreak devices.

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