Hike Messenger for Pc, Windows, Mac [2023 Latest Version]

Hike messenger for pc is used for chatting. Other than standard chatting and voice calling, you can also create groups of up to 1000 participants, customize animated stickers, and use them to find your companion through a Hike match! Additionally, it provides news and occasional reminders on what’s occurring around the country.

Hike Messenger for Pc

Bharti Sort bank created Hike Messenger, a social messaging application. It is very well known and has an online presence of more than 100 million people. Its broad customer base is due to the additional capabilities that create it more innovative and valuable for online networking.

Though the official version of the hike messenger application is still left to roll out, people most commonly use hike messenger on pc through its web version or android emulators like BlueStacks. This article will discuss such features of hike messenger for PC to help you use this app more efficiently. So, Let’s get started.

What is Hike Messenger?

Hike messenger is a social networking app developed by Bharti sort banks, and it’s wholly made in India by Indian developers. Hike messenger provides users with a wide range of features, including making a group of more than 1000 people, making attractive stickers, etc.

The Hike is another chatting application that competes with evolving and established applications such as BBM and WhatsApp. This software is compatible with various devices and enables you to deliver instant messages while retaining connectivity.

As a result, it’s straightforward and hassle-free to use Hike on your preferred computer. You can log on to Hike with any phone number you want. Other Hike users will be able to contact you using the approved telephone number.

Thus, after checking the phone number in the app, you can begin contacting other Hike users, or others can initiate communication with you. This software is dependent on the speed of the internet connection, and when the connection is secure, the user encounters spontaneous results. You may rely on this software to deliver superior outcomes in the case of instant messaging.

However, you can download and install a hike messenger for PC or Mac using Android emulators.

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Hike Messenger for Pc
Hike Messenger for Pc

Hike Messenger For Pc Features


The Hike is available for free and you can use it on your mobile or computer. You need to link your cell phone number on the application to begin using Hike for free. This app does not currently have any paid subscriptions.

Supports 2G & 3G

Hike Messenger facilitates video calling. It’s one of the Hike Messenger’s best features. And even on 2G or 3G networks, you can make a video call. Among the most advanced features of this Hike messenger is the ability to customize emoticons. Hike messenger is an Android application.


Hike Messenger provides users with the privacy of hiding their display picture, last seen, or status update. At the moment, several text message applications are ineffective in supplying consumers with privacy. Hike, on the other hand, provides excellent privacy solutions. 


Additionally, this app is concerned with your security and retains detailed exposure under your power. You can cover certain aspects of your account, make sure details are available to a selected network of people, and update and delete users.


Now, you can share a wide variety of attractive animated stickers with your friends with this application.

Private MODE

This mode allows users to chat privately and later lock that chat on the app itself so that no one with your login details can access that chat.

Hike Messenger for Pc
Hike Messenger for Pc


On the Hike, you can share photographs, pre-recorded videos from your album, spot, and contacts, all easily.

Attractive THEMES

this application provides the user with gorgeous themes to make their chatting experience more beautiful. To enrich your chatting environment, you can choose from a variety of customization and chatting backgrounds.


one of the most talked-about features of this application is hike2sms. In this feature, a hike user can message any non-hike user through SMS.

Offline messaging

if you’re unable to contact your friends or family because they’re offline, then this app passes your message as an SMS.

You can add more than 1000 people in a group

this feature allows users to add 1000 people to the group at the same time.


This feature allows you to switch to a dark theme style at night that causes less strain to your eyes in the dark.

Message forwarding

allows users to forward any messages to a large group of people at once.

Send Documents

this feature allows users to send documents such as PDF, DOCX, etc., on the go.

Hike wallet

hike wallet feature lets users send money to any hike users; this feature is currently available in India only.

Hike Messenger for Pc
Hike Messenger for Pc

How to download Hike messenger for PC?

At the moment Hike messenger application is only available on platforms like Android and IOS. Still, PC users can access this application through android emulators like BlueStacks and also have the option to access Hike through its web version.

How to access Hike through the web version?

  • Visit hike.in
  • Enter your mobile number and hit enter
  • After that, an OTP will come in your registered mobile number
  • After verifying, you’ll be able to access the hike web version.
  • BlueStacks is an application that allows the android application to run on pc.

How to download HIKE messenger through BlueStacks on PC?

  • Download the official version of BlueStacks on its official website for your PC version

Download Bluestack

  • After downloading, install the BlueStacks application.
  • Fill out all the necessary details like Google login, place of installation, etc.
  • Once the BlueStacks is installed on your PC, you’ve logged in to your google account, Open play store.
  • In the PlayStore search bar, type hike messenger and hit the bar.
  • Download and install the official hike messenger by filling out all the necessary details like your name, mobile number, and display picture.
  • Enjoy using this app.
  • Hike Is Not Yet Available For PC and Mac.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQS)

1. What is Hike Messenger?

Hike messenger is a free Chat messaging app.

2. Can I use Hike Messenger For PC?

Yes, you can use Hike on pc through android emulators like BlueStacks.

3. Is Hike secure?

Yes, Hike is entirely safe and secure and cares for your privacy.


Hike messenger for pc provides users with many features that make them love this app more. Features like hike wallet, night mode, adding more people to groups, etc., have made this app more unique from its competitors and still hungers to improve more. This article discussed such features and details that would help people to use this app more efficiently.

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