Internet Speed Meter Lite for PC/Mac/Windows 7,8,10

Today, the internet has been revolutionized; the speed compared to the old days has been increased, and tools to find internet speed within seconds have been made available for users. Out of such devices, internet speed meter lite for pc is being popular these days. This article will discuss some of its features and how you can make the best use of them.

The invention of the internet brought many revolutions in the digital world. With the internet, almost the workforce of an organization has been reduced drastically. Not only has an organization or any private institution benefited from it, but it has also helped increase the efficiency of a country’s government.

Internet Speed Meter Lite for PC

Now, most of the official government work is being done on the internet which has given users an advantage to avoid long queues and apply for any government documents from home. Now, people can pay their utility bills online from their homes.

The Internet has reduced people day to day chores by providing them with the option to do most of their work at home by just using their fingers.

If you look at the evolution of the internet in deep in may notice the year when the internet was invented it wasn’t popular or common between people and the speed to load a website was too drastically slow. Also, there were no tools to measure internet speed. People had to follow hefty processes to find the actual speed.

Internet Speed Meter Lite

What is internet speed meter lite?

Internet speed meter lite is a tool to find the internet speed of your internet connection. DynamicOps has developed an Internet Speed meter lite for pc and has no specific age ratings. It is currently available for Android platforms, but users can use this app through android emulators like bluestacks.

Internet speed meter lite for pc has a feature that also indicates the speed of your internet connection on your status bar which means no need to open the app specifically more often to view the internet speed.

Internet speed meter lite works to show the speed of your connection and indicates the remaining data of your internet pack. This facilitates users to easily manage their data and save accordingly.

Before, the user used to over-limit their internet data and have their internet connection close due to fewer internet data. But this feature ensures users keep a check on their data and never run out of it.

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Features Of Internet Speed Meter Lite For PC

  • It facilitates users to know their internet speed online with just one tap.

  • To decrease the app’s process and check the speed more often, this application provides the user an option to indicate their mobile internet speed on their status bar.

  • Sometimes users are not aware of the data their internet connection is consuming, and hence they end up running out of limited data. This app also indicates the data usage on the status bar to be aware of the remaining data and use it accordingly.

  • This app comes with zero ads which means no annoying ad banner on the screen bar.

  • Internet speed meter lite not only helps in saving data but also helps users to get information about the data plan offer.

  • This app helps the users to know their internet speed and allows them to analyze whether their home network connection is working or not. So the user’s work doesn’t get interrupted.

  • Many users fail to keep track of their upload and download traffic; well, this app helps them in all necessary ways; this app keeps a check on users’ internet download and upload traffic and provides essential information when needed.

  • One of the prime reasons people prefer this app is its graphical interface; it makes it easy for users to operate this app without glitches.

  • In case users have a Wi-Fi connection, this app can take care of it too. Internet speed meter lite can analyze and indicate the speed and data usage if a user’s internet connection runs on Wi-Fi.

  • The user interface is one of the essential features of this app that makes it more attractive because it provides users with various themes that are treated to their eyes. Users can select varieties of themes from it and choose the one which they like the most.

  • Internet speed meter lite for pc also helps users to know Wi-Fi device information.

  • Its unique features not only help users to save data but also helps in control the traffic on their internet connection.

  • It provides users with a table that includes the data of the internet being used by users.

  • For android users, this app is available on the play store.
internet speed meter liteinternet speed meter lite
internet speed meter lite

How to download Internet Speed Meter Lite for PC?

  • Though internet speed meter lite is officially only available for Android users, no PC version of this app has yet been developed. Still, users have the option to download this app through an android emulator known as BLUESTACKS.

  • Bluestacks is a windows application better known as an android emulator that helps users run android apps on their Windows PC. People can easily download the app from its website.

How to download internet speed meter lite using BLUESTACKS?

1.    Download and install the blue stacks app from its official website keeping the version of your Windows PC in mind.Bluestack

2.    After installing, bluestacks will ask for your google account credentials. Once after filled in all the necessary credentials, you will be now logged in to the blue stacks app with your Google account.

3.    After logging in, bluestacks will allow you to download the internet speed meter lite from the play store.

4.    By clicking the play store application in the blue stacks app, and then type the internet speed meter lite in the search bar.Speed Meter

5.    Select the internet speed meter lite application and choose to download and install.

6.    By following this procedure, the internet speed meter lite will get installed on your PC.


With Internet speed meter lite for pc, people can quickly know their internet speed and avoid using their internet data more than required. People can also keep track of their internet connection download and upload traffic. This article discussed such features through which users can benefit and use this app according to their needs.

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