CM Browser For PC | Latest Version For Windows 10,8,7

CM browser for pc gained popularity because of its perpetual functionalities. Cheetah Mobiles develop it. The reason for this application coming into existence and eventually becoming the favourite of a larger crowd was by beating some giants of the sector like google chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc. 

CM Browser For PC

The company Cheetah Mobiles created several applications, but most of them are not efficient as promised. One of its advanced applications is Clean Master which is extreme distrust because of irregular working criteria. But in the case of CM Browser For PC, it got 50 million+ downloads that show the success of this application as a browser.

What is a CM Browser?

CM Browser is an application that is supported only by ios and android operating systems. It means that it is only usable through a smartphone, either an android or an iPhone. In this article, we elaborate on how to use the CM Browser For PC on your personal computer?

Well, It is a type of browser that allows users to use the internet perpetually. It gets popular enough even when giants are available in this sector, such as Chrome browser by google, firefox browser by Mozilla, etc. 

The main reason for the popularity of this browser is that it is lightweight, faster, and maintains higher privacy levels compared to other browsers. The browser enables efficient and high speed in terms of loading time from the very start of its computing process.

One of the exciting features of this application is that it allows users to block advertisements on any website. Generally, browsers don’t prefer this advertisement-blocking feature because it stops their earning source, targeting a particular product by search history. 

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CM Browser For Pc
CM Browser For Pc

All Novel Features of CM Browser For Pc

CM Browser is mainly designed for computing system files at higher speed potentials and causing a lightweight impact on the system. 

The focusing functions of this browser application are mainly providing a video downloader, ad blocker, and anti-malware kit that ensures privacy, security, and time managing entities of the user. 

Although there are more features available apart from these mentioned above that work collectively to provide the best service to the user. These different features of CM Browser include:

Incognito Mode: It helps narrow down your browsing history and leaves no signs of your particular surfing status on any website.

It provides no space for reverse tracing and engineering, making it convenient for users to be stress-free from misusing user data by any third-party applications or services.

It also regulates speed dial features inside the web pages of multiple surfed websites.

This browser application contains inbuilt page translator services that automatically compute text and scripture from any language in the world.

It also offers Multiple tabs control to stimulate and closely examine your search for optimizing and regulating purposes.

Search engine switch: It maintains faster loading and switching from one search to another to comfort the user surfing experience.

The application allows personalized bookmark options saving required web pages for later access.

It automatically allocates text and fonts and initializes control over their adjustments.

CM Browser For Pc


CM Browser For PC

Other features Of CM Browser For PC

You certainly experience the storage space running problem in your smartphone, and no matter the measures are taken, it still shows this alert message of storage space running out. 

CM browser uses different tweaks that enhance faster speed surfings and remove unwanted load from the system. These minor tweaks that CM Browser provides additionally apart from its essential functioning present below:

It facilitates an extensive malware kit that tracks and eliminates threats like viruses, spyware, cookies, adware, and malware and keeps your privacy secure with enhanced speed boosting.

It helps your smartphone run smoothly without any warnings of storage and other complications with the help of appropriate computing management.

It can operate on deficient power/memory consumption of approximately 2 MB

The application frequently has updates to keep it safe from threats and bugs.

It appropriately manages and removes potential harm to secure your smartphone from lagging and freezing within no time interval.

How to use CM Browser For PC?

  • As mentioned earlier, CM Browser is available only for smartphones, either android or iPhone. It holds a disadvantage to using this browser in the Windows operating system.
  • The CM Browser For PC can provide higher speed operations, but developers of Cheetah Mobiles are limited to its smartphone consumption. To resolve this issue and make its usage possible for windows, several android emulators are available in the software sector.

What is an Android Emulator?

An android emulator creates a temporary instance of an android operating system inside an already running operating system, that is, windows. It is called the concept of building multiple operating system instances with virtual machines.

A Virtual Machine is a software that allows the creation of these operating system instances for testing applications of one operating system into others. Creating a cross-platform operating system means creating an android operating system in a windows pc; you need to download special software. This unique software that can make these cross-platform active system instances is called Emulators. 

Android emulators can only create Android operating system instances. To create an iPhone operating system, you have to use an iPhone Emulator.

Two majorly known Android Emulators are:

These two applications allow users to create a virtual android phone on a windows pc, and with the help of it, you can install Cm Browser for native application stores like the play store in the case of android and use it as your browser for internet surfing tasks.

Problems with CM Browser

Several problems occur while using the CM browser that are:

Using a malware kit to remove potential threats from the system shows the device slows down or crashes irregularities. 

The current version updates are for 5.0 and up. It means that it should only be used in the above 5.0 android versions. Otherwise, it may cause unstable behaviour and can cause extensive damage to the system as a whole. 

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

Is the CM browser safe to use?

Cm browser is a Chinese application developed by Cheetah Mobile. The application develops on chromium and supports web kits and trident search engines. CM browser claims to be the first secure dual-engine browser that uses a browser intrusion prevention system by Jinshan Network.

 Is CM Security banned in India?

Yes, the Cm browser is banned in India with 56 other Chinese applications due to several reasons like the India-China conflict, data leak reports, etc.

 What happened to the AM browser

CM browser removes from the play store due to its uncertainty on user data. To download the Cm browser, one needs to use its official website instead of the play store, especially in some countries, including India.


This article thoroughly covers the usage guide about CM browser for PC and its beneficial factors and essential factors. The application’s computing power is strong and faster than other giant browsers in the sector. Check it out and tell us your valuable opinion about the same.

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