Movie Language Converter For PC/ Windows/ Mac [LATEST]

Movie language converter for pc is a tool that helps users to convert subtitle language into their native or preferred language. This software follows an algorithm that detects language independently and allows users to convert it easily without any hassle.

Movie language converter for pc

This app not only translates movies but also works for books that are not in your preferred language. UI is made user-friendly so that a user with minimal knowledge of technical staff can use it without any difficulties.

Tools like HD video player, dual audio player, and many others are added to the application to make it more accessible. This app is currently available for android users but can be used on PC using android emulators.

What is a Movie language converter for PC?

Movie language converter for PC is an android application that works in translating the language or subtitles of your favourite movie in your preferred language. This app helps people to watch their favourite TV shows and movies in the language they understand.

This app also features many tools such as an HD video player, a dual audio player that helps users to add HD video and download the dual video of their preferred language on their personal computer.

This application has added an audio synchronization tool that helps synchronize the video’s audio precisely without any delay of audio that many users find annoying. It contains various functions that allow users to watch their favourite shows in their preferred language without any difficulties.

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Why should you consider downloading this app?

The app developers have worked a lot upon the app themes and give their users a fascinating experience. There are various themes through which users can experiment and make their experience using this app more pleasant.

To make it less complicated for the users using this software for the first time, the app developers have worked to make this app as simple as possible by using less complex navigation procedures and introducing easy adding and removing audio or video files.

Many users who install the app are concerned about the security of their data; in that case, this app took care of such issues and stated in their privacy policies that they don’t share any personal data of users on the internet.

If you’re new to adding or converting a video language, this app has taken care of such things and introduced a tutorial based on that. Users have to follow the procedures mentioned in the tutorial, and they are good to go.

With regular updates, users don’t have to care about this app’s performance. This app ensures it removes all the potential bugs and is determined to improve its efficiency by carrying out updates at regular intervals.

How to add audio and videos of your choice of language in Movie Language converter for pc?

If you want to add the audio of your choice of language, then the first step is to download the audio clip of that movie that will be readily available online. After downloading the audio clip, open the app, and in the add an audio file, add the downloaded file, and after doing that, add the video of which you won’t change the language.

Users even get the option to change the language of movies they want to see online for that they have entered the Video and audio URL of the movie they want to see in their preferred language, and then they are good to go.

This application supports majorities of audio and video file extensions such as AAC, mp3, .flv, mp4, and many other extensions that are pretty common and popular among most users.

Features of Movie language converter for PC

This application comes with many features such as:

External audio support-

This feature helps users use external audio for the video file for which they want the language to be changed.

HD VIDEO player

Users now don’t have to worry about playing high-quality videos on their devices as this software supports playing HD videos.

Dual Audio movie player

This application allows users to play movies with dual audio easily on their devices.

Audio Synchronization tool

With this tool, users can synchronize the video as per the audio speed so that no delay in the sound is experienced.

Attractive themes

Users can change the themes to their needs and make their experience using this app more loving.

Add local video and audio files

You can use any video and audio file directly from your device without any hassle.

Add online video and audio files

Users have the option to change the language of the audio and video file of the movie they want to see online by just pasting its URL.

100% Secure

This app doesn’t hold any user data in its database and is safe to use.

Free of cost

Users don’t have to pay a single penny to use this app as it’s free of charge.

How to download a Movie language converter for pc?

As this app is only available for android applications, users can have access to its official PC version. But they still have the option to use this app by making use of android emulators like BlueStacks.

How to download a Movie language converter for pc through BlueStacks?

  • Download BlueStacks from its official website and install it on your computer.

Download Bluestack

  • During installing fill in all the necessary details, such as your google account details
  • Sign in through a google account once the installation is finished
  • After signing in, search for a browser in the app and open it.
  • In the browser, search for the website
  • After opening the website in the search bar, type Movie Language converter and hit enter
  • Download the app and use it to convert the language of the movie of your choice.

Frequently asked questions (Faqs)

What is a movie language converter?

It is an application that helps in converting the language of the movie.

Is this app officially available for pc?

No, but users can access this app through android emulators like BlueStacks.

Is this app free?

Yes, it’s free of cost.

Is this app safe to use?

Yes, 100% secure


Movie language converter for pc has gotten people rid of those annoying audio problems that they would not understand previously due to language barriers and has facilitated people to download the audio of their choice and change it. This article discussed such features that would help them to understand this app much better.

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