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Alternative App For Pc: Huawei Hisuite for PC

If you’re also worried about your home security, don’t worry anymore; here, we will tell you about one of the best live surveillance video tools with the help of which you can guard your home even when you’re far away. Read till the end to know how to install and use it. 

Zsight for PC 

Furthermore, you should also check out its unique features written below. Security is essential due to the increasing crime rates these days. Although there are many ways to protect your home, it’s always better to guard it yourself. 

Wouldn’t it be great if you could look after your home even when you’re far away from it? Of course, it would be best if you could watch & guard your home from anywhere in the world; hence, Zsight for PC is the most helpful tool for watching live surveillance video. 

Zsight for PC

The Fantastic Features of Zsight for PC 

Live Surveillance Video 

You can watch live surveillance video of your IP address anywhere. It doesn’t matter how far away you’re from the address; you can always watch live HD videos without having any problem. Connect your security camera with the app and guard your home wherever possible. 

Record the Videos Automatically 

You can not only watch the live footage but also record it for watching it later. Exclusive footage of the IP address will be saved automatically, so you’ll never lose any clip and can watch it later. You can also record your voice in the video, which will be more helpful. 

Take Snapshots 

Take snapshots of any important scenes automatically with the help of Zsight for PC. Furthermore, you can also take screenshots of the video whenever you want. The quality of the pictures will also be satisfying, and you can guard your home more efficiently. The app will also take virtual snapshots when you enable the option for the automatic picture. 

Secure Videos on SD Card 

If you want to save the videos on the SD card, there is another option for you. You can also save the videos on your SD card to secure them forever. You can also move the videos to other devices using the SD card.

Customize Using WiFi 

Customize your IP address and other settings after connecting to a stable network. You can organize all the options in the app according to your convenience. Moreover, with the help of a stable WIFI connection, you can also manage the live streaming videos. 

The Awesome Features of Zsight for PC 

  • Get the practical focus on the videos by using this fantastic app. 
  • Watch high-quality live surveillance video of your IP address anytime and anywhere. 
  • Listen to the audio of the live video and record it too for watching it later. 
  • Download the excellent application for security without even paying a penny. 
  • You can also communicate using this app if you install a speaker or microphone device on the IP address. 
  • Guard your sweet home remotely and give it the best security. 
  • All the popup ads are removed, so you will not be annoyed by them. 

The Pros & Cons of Zsight for PC 


  1. Live Video Streaming 
  2. Watch and listen to the video 
  3. Customize Using WiFi 
  4. Secure Footage on SD card 
  5. Take Snapshots 
  6. Easy to Customize 


  1. Cannot Use Offline 

Why Use Zsight for PC? 

Zsight for PC is a live video streaming tool, and you can watch live streaming of your IP address in this app. This surveillance app is reliable and worth installing because you can watch live oversight of your IP address from anywhere you want with the help of this fantastic app. 

It is effortless to use and very convenient. You can customize the settings as you wish. Moreover, you can watch and listen to the video and communicate via this app if you install the speaker and connect it to the app. 

How to Download& Install Zsight for PC?

We can always watch the CCTV camera video live on our mobile. However, this great app is not officially available for PC. 

But don’t worry about accessing it on PC because here is how you can get Zsight for PC quickly. Therefore, follow the steps below to download and utilize this beneficial app. 

  1. As we know, the app is not been officially released for PC, so we will first download an android emulator to access the game easily. 
  2. We will use the BlueStacks emulator, and you can also quickly get it from its official website. 
  3. Now go to the emulator and search for Zsight for PC. Then click on the install button. 
  4. The app will be downloaded after waiting for a few minutes. After this, allow all the permissions required for running the app on the PC. 
  5. Great! Now you can watch out for your home from wherever you want! 

What’s New 

  1. No Ads 
  2. Latest Version 
  3. Bugs are Fixed 
  4. Download for Free 
  5. New Customizable Options 

FAQs–Frequently Asked Questions 

1. Can I Change My IP Address? 

A. Yes, you can change your IP address once you connect to a stable network. Easily change the location from settings. 

2. Do We Need an Internet Connection to Use This App? 

A. You wouldn’t be able to watch live streaming of your IP address without a network connection. 

2. Is This App Available for Free? 

A. Yes, this is a free app; you don’t have to pay to access any of its features. 

Bottom Line 

Now you don’t have to worry about your home’s security because you can watch out for your home by yourself no matter how far you are away from your house. Zsight for PC will help you watch and guard your home against far away. 

Its exciting features will also help you to take care of your home better. So what are you waiting for? Download the app now and share this information with your friends so they can also utilize this fantastic security tool.

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