Tenta Browser For PC [Window 10,8,7]

There are many VPNs available in the market, but Tenta Browser remains one of the most efficient. Tenta Private VPN Browser works on the Android operating system and has a built-in VPN used to browse anonymously.

Though it’s only available on android, you can use Tenta Browser for PC through emulators on PC. In this article, we will learn more about Tenta browser features and how to use them.

In this digital-driven era, you may have come through a moment where you wanted to surf a website that’s not available in your location, or you tried to hide your IP address due to privacy concerns.

VPN concluded the solution to this problem and helped many people surf the banned website in their location. Tenta Private VPN Browser can help us with that! So, Let us discover more…

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Tenta Browser For PC

What is Tenta Browser For PC?

Tenta browser is an in-built VPN-enabled android browser that makes users surf the internet anonymously.

Tenta browser is committed to protecting user privacy and security concerns. Its in-built DNS server system ensures that users’ internet service providers don’t spy or collect their browsing data behind their back.

Tenta Private VPN Browser + Ad Blocker gives round protection for a user internet experience that includes users browsing history, IP address, download files, etc.

Another thing that makes this browser stand out from many others is its unique OTP-generating technique when a user is surfing the internet through this browser.

Hence, this feature helps in enhancing the security and privacy of this browser.

It also comes with an AdBlocker that blocks all the annoying ads that make the browser slow and risk stealing essential information.

This browser also has an in-built media player in which users can encrypt, download or play any videos.

Tenta Browser For PC

How to use Tenta Browser on PC?

  • The PC version of this browser is yet to come out, making it only available on the android version. But users can easily use this browser by downloading an emulator such as blue stacks.
  • Bluestacks is an emulator that helps in running android applications on a PC. Hence blue stacks is an android application; the user can access it by downloading Bluestacks. Once a user downloads and installs this application, they can easily use the Tenta browser on their PC.

Tenta Browser For PC

How to install Tenta Browser on PC

Install Tenta Browser Through Bluestack

  • Download and install Bluestacks from their official website.
  • After installing, launch the Bluestacks application and then click on the “MY APP” button.
  • In the search bar, search for Tenta Private VPN browser.
  • Once after searching, Click on the right app and install it.
  • The next step before installing the app will ask to log into your Google account. Once you’re done logging into your account, the installation will commence, and the application will download soon based on your internet connection.
  • You can install Microsoft. net Framework software if you face any loading issues with the Bluestack software.
  • You can install the Microsoft .net Framework software if you face any loading issues with the Bluestack software.

Features of Tenta Browser For PC

What makes this browser different from other proxy servers is that its OpenVPN protocol helps this browser enhance its security capabilities and give users a good internet experience.

The browsers come with an In-built VPN software that makes sure users don’t have to install any other particular application for VPN

The people who find making accounts annoying and time-wasting can use this software without creating an account. Just download and install, and you’re good to go.

With military-level AES-256 encryption of a user’s password, this browser makes sure it doesn’t save any of those passwords on the server. This feature eventually solves the security and privacy concerns of many users.

Many websites use HTTP protocols that are unsecured and have the risk of stealing essential user information. But, this browser makes use of HTTPS protocol which makes this more secure and safe to use.

Another unique feature of this browser is that it detects the videos that play on the screen automatically and stores them in the media vault so that a user can access them whenever they want.

Sometimes, due to the internet’s lousy connectivity, the downloading files get interrupted and cannot be resumed in the case of many other browsers. But in the Tenta Private VPN browser, a user can resume the download from where it got interrupted.

No special permission such as call logs, camera, mic, or gallery is required when installing it.

A user browsing experience on this browser is fully encrypted. Tenta browser doesn’t even store an inch of the data of its user. That makes it secure and safe from hackers.

A user can connect to any public wifi without being concerned about its security when using Tenta Browser for Pc.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Can I use the TENTA browser on both PC and Android?

Yes, though there’s no official PC version of the Tenta browser, you can use Tenta Browser for pc through Emulators like Bluestacks.

From where can I download bluestacks and tenta browser on pc?

You can easily download bluestacks from its official website, and by navigating through the search bar, you can easily download tenta browser.

Is it safe to use the tenta browser?

Yes, the Tenta Private VPN browser is safe for you.

Does the Tenta browser store my information?

No, Tenta Browser has a strict policy of not logging any traffic. That means your data will never get stored on their servers.


Tenta Browser is a free Android VPN browser that can also be used on a PC. Tenta Private VPN Browser for PC’s privacy and security policy makes it more attractive for users to use it.

Also, it offers free unlimited bandwidth, which attracts more users to use it. With these many features, the Tenta browser is worth using.

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