Freedome VPN for PC Window 10/8/7 V2.27 [2023 Latest]

Freedome VPN for PC is a VPN that helps you protect your privacy online and allows you to visit websites that are not accessible in your region. The software is developed by a Finland-based company.

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Freedome VPN for PC

It specializes in fast speeds, robust encryption, and several safety solutions that allow you to secure your online presence whether browsing the internet at home or on public wi-fi. Customer service is excellent, with live chat available, and the VPN offers a risk-free 30-day money-back assurance!

Worldwide, with the exclusion of a few Arab countries, the services are accessible. Additionally, it offers a good bang for the buck when compared to the quality of assistance provided. In general, it’s a reliable VPN from a very well-known security developer.

What is Freedome VPN for PC?

Freedome VPN for PC is a Virtual private network that helps you protect your online identity from getting revealed to the hands of scamsters or hackers. It provides all-around protection so that your identity remains encrypted and your data is protected.

With the help of this application, you can also access the websites currently banned or not working specifically in your region. Many VPNs provide low speed when users browse the internet while connecting, but Freedom VPN ensures a stable rate.

There are many locations of servers through which you can connect through this app except the servers of some middle east countries. It gives you the option to choose from varieties of locations as per your requirements and usage. 

Why should you download Freedome VPN for PC?

#1 Safety and Security

F-Secure Freedome guarantees that this app will retain no direct personal information about a person’s surfing activity. Additionally, because the VPN is situated in Finland, it is placed in a typically secure location for data protection.

While the absence of data consumption records is a positive development, it is critical to remember that the privacy statement specifies that some connection traces will be stored.

Whenever you access a VPN for the 1st time, your IP address and device-level identifiers are recorded; this enables the operator to determine your location. Additionally, it might allow for real-time tracking of you when you access its networks.

It should not concern users because collecting this type of data is considered relatively invasive.

#2 Encryption

On its VPN for Pc, Mac, and Android users, Freedome VPN supports the OpenVPN connection. Their iOS VPN client only supports L2TP/IPsec (a less robust but generally secure standard for connection).

OpenVPN utilizes AES-128 encryption, an SHA-1 data authorization algorithm, and a 2048-bit RSA Signature. It is one of the decent encryption levels used for protecting your data secrecy up to a certain extent.

This encryption provides a decent amount of safety against hackers and helps you keep your data safe by not revealing your digital prints to these scamsters online. It will also offer protection against DNS leaks for both windows and mac users.

Freedome VPN for PC
Freedome VPN for PC

Features Of Freedome VPN for PC

#3 Simple UI

It comes with a simple UI that makes it accessible for anyone new to VPN. With just a single click, they can connect to VPN, but a step forward in the VPN world, and browse anonymously without revealing their real identity online.

#4 Available Both In Android & IOs

People with iOS and Android can both access this app from their respective app stores. Since the official version of this application is available for PC users, they can download the official PC version by visiting their official website.


Just like any proxy server through which you can access a banned website, this software comes with an anonymous VPN that helps you do the same job.


This application hasn’t capped your bandwidth at some specific limit. Users have access to unlimited bandwidth.

#7 Wi-fi security

This software protects any public wi-fi you connect; it helps your data be private and secured.

#8 Changeable IP address

With this application, you can change your IP address as you need and hide your real identity or your digital footprint online from getting exposed to hackers.

Freedome VPN for PC
Freedome VPN for PC

#9 Ease of use

The user interface of Freedome VPN is designed to keep it accessible to access users who use VPN services for the first time.

#10 Privacy

App developers respect your privacy and have stated that they don’t hold or log any user’s data in their privacy policy terms.

#11 Unblocks video streaming sites allow

Unblocking video streaming sites allow users to access video streaming sites such as Netflix, BBC iplayer, etc., if they are banned in their region.


If users are not satisfied with the application’s services, they can get their money back in 30 days.

#13 Dedicated customer care support

This website has a team of dedicated customer care executives if you have any queries. A live chat option is also available.

#14 DNS protection

Freedome VPN comes with DNS leak protection that doesn’t leak your DNS information.

#15 Premium

Freedom VPN is free to use but to access additional features such as more server locations, no ads, etc., they had to pay a certain amount to access these privileges.

How to download Freedome VPN for PC?

  • Visit Your Website Link for Freedome VPN from your PC
  • Click on get Freedome VPN for PC.
  • A prompt will pop up, and downloading will start
  • Wait until downloading gets finished
  • Install the app once the downloading is over.
  • After filling up the necessary information, you can use the Freedome VPN on your PC.

How to download Freedome VPN for MAC?      

  • Open the official website of Freedome VPN from your MAC computer.
  • On the home screen, click on get Freedome VPN
  • A prompt will pop up, and downloading will start
  • Wait for a few mins and install the app
  • Once the app is installed, you will be able to use Freedome VPN on your MAC PC.

Frequently asked questions (FAQs)

What is a freedome VPN?

It is a VPN service that helps you protect your digital footprints on the internet.

Is freedome VPN available for PC and MAC?

Yes, this application is available for both platforms.

Is freedome Services safe and secure?

Yes, this application doesn’t log any of your user data.


Freedome VPN For PC has made a significant change in the world of VPNs and Privacy. It has helped many users get exposed to hackers and seamsters online by protecting their real identities. It has also allowed people to access websites that are not accessible in their regions. With so many features on the list, Freedome VPN has earned its place in the hearts of many users.

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