Lorex Secure App for Pc Free Download [Windows & Mac]

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Lorex Secure App for Pc: We know that the advent of technology with the integration of the internet has resolved and catered many advanced applicable resources and devices from which we can reduce our lifestyle to ease in a very lucid manner.

In the world of chaos, it is of utmost importance to keep an eye on your valuable aspects, which mean anything to you. Busy life makes it hard for us to be present everywhere and monitor the activities of the situation.

So we started using security devices, one of the widely used and popular of those is CCTV. as these security cameras make us view the live activities of the situation taking place on the surveillance spots without any alteration.

But there were its aspects in the traditional format. They have evolved in many advanced forms, enabling users to manage and monitor activities from anywhere and anytime with more advanced innovative functions to apply and extract benefits. One application that caters to your need is this Lorex Secure App for PC.

What is the Lorex Secure App for PC?

Lorex Secure App for PC is one in-all platform for users to monitor and manage the activities of their security devices from anywhere and at any time of the surveillance places. Users can easily manage the activities and control the ecosystem of the surveillance places in the most optimum ease performance by your computer.

 It offers a split-screen to vary and maintain your various workspaces and enables you to view live every critical and nuances taking space in for of activities. Also, apply by providing the services of microphone and speaker format, which you can easily enable in the platform and control the movements.

Along with the live stream of the surveillance places, it also offers management features like playback of all the footage and videos in the platform itself; on your device, watch all the previously recorded videos anytime to look for something missing. In the application, you don’t even need to be sitting for a long duration to see what’s happening.

Still, its motion event timelines help users read uncomplicated timelines and observe what has happened. If you find some activity informal, click and watch the exact same time activity. A motion-activated push notification will come to your computer screen to stay connected with your surveillance places activities with unlimited recording cloud space that it offers to need not worry about storage space.

Lorex Secure App for Pc

Features elements to explore in the system

Download Lorex Secure App for PC to monitor everything from anywhere and anytime from your computer that connects your security devices with the application. Here, you can freely coordinate with the devices and adjust their settings from the app itself. With top-notch features and functions that enable it to make it different from others in terms of ultra-security offering for the users comes high-quality components. We are discussing below some of them so users can make well-integrated use of them for their ultra-good performance;

Live view 24/7

The Lorex Secure app for PC lets users view the surveillance situation’s live activity from any place and anytime. The application allows everyone to monitor the live status of the happenings from the platform itself because of its multi-advanced features.


The application lets users enjoy the live view of the video running on the surveillance spot and let users playback the recorded videos anytime. So the version offers windows users to control the system efficiently.

Motion Event timelines

Lorex Secure App offers users motion event timelines, through which the application provides them with uncomplicated timelines of the events so they can read them anytime. No need to worry about watching the live view every time. Just select the situation as mentioned in the timelines and monitor the activity at that point.

Motion push notification

The application offers users a motion-controlled push notification, which makes users aware of the activities happening on the surveillance place, and you can stay connected with your security device. This also enables users to access that time and alert authorities if something is happening.

Save videos and snaps.

Lorex Secure App for PC provides users with the features of saving and capturing snaps anytime in the live view of the videos. These snaps and the moments of the footage can be very helpful anytime, so also you can save them on your device without bothering about the feasibility.

Cloud storage

There is no need to bother about the storage problems of storing the recorded videos of the surveillance spots because of the cloud storage that it offers, which you can use to store unlimited recordings of the situations. So these are vital features that make it unique and provide an edge over other such applications.

Full tilt zoom

Users can enjoy the pan tilt zoom controls while staying connected with the activity along with the motion push notification sent directly to your PC screen.

Camera setting

Lorex Secure App for PC provides users with the ultimate control possibilities in the system itself to monitor all the security devices and system settings. Adjust and customize all kinds of locations in the menu section for utmost security.

Lorex Secure App for Pc

How to download lorex secure app for pc

There is no trustworthy news between people in a world where there is a need to monitor that trusses. In the words where everyone cheating with one another in offices, colleges, homes and everywhere. You strongly need something to watch your loved ones and save you from being untrusted. So follow the step to get the app set up. The camera and surveillance system are in no time.

  • Download ld payers and set up the emulator account.
  • Search the dressed app like lorex secure and install it on your device in no time.
  • Enjoy the app with your friends and family.


Download Lorex Secure App for PC to monitor all the activities with minute details happening in the surveillance spot with clear live view and playback without any alteration in the format of the security devices and twists in the picture.

From your computer, you can easily control the whole settings of the security devices and system, with motion push notifications and timelines enabling utmost security and cloud space for unlimited recording for playback and much more advancement for ultra-secure performance.

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