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App Name Fantastical for PC
Developer Flexibits Inc.
Genre Productivity
Version 3.4.2
License Free
File size 13.90 MB
How to Run On PC?

1. Firstly Install Emulator on Your PC, Using Download Emultaor Button.
2. After installing Emulator, You need to Download Apk Files Fantastical for PC
3. Click on Download Apk Button and download Apk Files on your PC.
4. After downloading Apk Files, Double Click on the Downloaded App.
5. Let's Enjoy, Your App is Run on PC.
6. If you Don't Understand then Click on Watch Button, Here I Guide you Properly.

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Fantastical for PC: We very well know the kind of difficulties that we usually interact with within our daily life because of the ultra-busy lifestyle generated mainly by the technological advancements, not equal for everyone but kind of uniform distribution of work to make things easier diverse.

Nothing can be achieved in the world easily without working hard on the things that matter, and for work like that, there must be something to manage our tasks and events of daily life in the most efficient way so we can extract most of our days.

There are undoubtedly multiple ways to monitor our schedule precisely, so we dont miss anything important in our life and work effectively to increase the maximum productivity of our work. Still, there was a need for something exceptionally professional.

So now we have come up with the utmost classic concept for your PC as well that will connect your account with its chains and enables you to plan your events, tasks, works, and more with the ease of it providing you with needed triggers at the right time, so you will not lose anything.

What is Fantastical for PC?

Fantastical for PC is an ultimate and professional tool that explicitly manages your schedule and applies needed triggers and templates to make you aware of the exact time so you will not miss anything. It is designed, keeping the need from the user’s perspective so we can monitor things more accessible in our way, wherewith the variety of features along to make the whole ecosystem balanced is encrypted. Users will be able to perform all kinds of scheduling from their personal to professional life, work ethic, and everything. It manages time in every form from hours today, months, and year format so you can keep and plan accordingly by intimating the platform.

It integrates itself with other Applications and platforms to perform the cross functions and arrange them according to your schedule, so you work on everything efficiently. It also provides the interface to work with other people on the same purpose in the platform itself by indulging in the activities. Showcase an interesting calendar outlook where you can quickly put on the activities of your need. The extremely rare perspective enables a widget format to select functions on the duplicate and conference call detection to indulge in work. Adjust itself accordingly to the time zones without performing and showcases weather in a detailed format for users to control the aspects.

Fantastical for Pc

Elements of features elaborated.

Download Fantastical for PC to plan your hours, days, weeks, months, and year; select whatever format you want to schedule in the same interface because of its cross functions among the integrated apps; it will also intimate the connected users for the work. Moreover, the best planning and scheduling applications have multiple advancement tasks to enable an easy and disciplined lifestyle with no distraction. We have tried to elaborate few of the essential features of the Application to make users capable of extracting the most from the platform.

Straightforward interface

The Application comes with the latest timely updated version of the user’s interface by sorting out the common issues and improving the performance. Users will find it very simple to use as it provides all the functions in just one click format where you just need to select the tasks and click on them to arrange and align in the respective format. All the application variables can be accessed easily with the astonishingly clear and coloured interface that makes your environment casual.

Coordinating invitees

The platform offers a vivid designed chains tech that automatically coordinates with the invitees for the respective events and intimates them with detailed information. It lets you schedule and perform complex events efficiently and sort out your efforts.

Availability slot

Fantastical for PC enables you to perform the events causally and strictly with no fear of postponing. It offers users detailed plans of their invitees and carves out the best and precisely arranged schedule slots when all your invitees are free to participate in the events.

It checks out their availability of the time slot and sends them a proposal to select or reject, and accordingly, you can decide.

Fantastical for Pc


Fantastical for PC gives users the accessibility to apply different templates on the time frame, but it offers to create quick templates from the current events and tasks. Just select the template, and it will copy all the details from the template into new jobs immediately and make the work scheduling the most easier with the advancement of the Application.

Conference call detection

Fantastical offers the user to join themselves in the existing conference call quickly. Also, with just a click, the Fantastical interface will automatically generate a conference call for you to discuss and design the events. Apart from its interface, the Application also supports other work together with platforms by integrating it. Great widgets to arrange tools for the easy job in the exciting calendar makes it in the hitlist.

Attachment of files

Fantastical for PC offers users to attach separate files, images, videos, and any multimedia needed to represent the schedule and plans to make you well aware with the detailed description. You can quickly upload files of all types from your Fantastical Application to other cloud or card storage and exchange the tasks with others. All the attachments can be accessed on all devices synced with the same account.


In your PC, Fantastical will give you enough capacity to customize the view according to your perception. You can easily overlook the whole idea of the calendar with Fantastical Work tickers and calendar format. You can browse the complete outlook of the day, month, year, and more on a widescreen with the utmost detailing of the events.

Fantastical for Pc


Download Fantastical for PC offers a classic, and ultimate features enabled calendar work planner where you can quickly put the information and extract the needed triggers of time work in the exact situation with the detailed description of the activities.

Apart from its outstanding calendar format, it also offers many other aspects for users to integrate it with other platforms and work together for the same purpose. Easily you can control and monitor the feasibilities that it offers to perform various significant events, tasks, missions with the trigger that intimate you in detail. Increase your productivity and performance with availability.

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