Telegram X For PC For Free [2023 Updated]

Telegram X is one of the most popular apps that gives instant messaging and takes care of people’s data. This article will talk about various telegram features that other instant messaging apps lack. Also, you can install Telegram X For PC.

As the digital world is evolving year by year, people are getting introduced to new technologies. Out of such technologies, instant messaging is making a storm.

The first app that comes to mind when the word “instant messaging” hits is WhatsApp.

Whatsapp is used by billions of people over the world. As these apps are making people’s lives handy in terms of communication, it also gives rise to such people’s privacy concerns. And there are few apps that look after such concerns.

People are worried about it. Telegram X For PC may help you with that.

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Telegram X For PC

Telegram app is an instant messaging application with an enhanced data privacy policy developed by Telegram LLC.

Telegram is a profound name when it comes to absolute encryption. About 10M downloads on the play store make it extremely popular amongst netizens.

Telegram X is much similar to the company’s first Telegram app, yet it comes with additional features that the company has spotlighted.

Compared to the previous telegram version, this app comes with improved UI and new animation features that add extra beauty.

How to download Telegram X for PC?

  • As telegram x doesn’t officially have any pc variants, it’s primarily available on android and ios operating systems, but it can be downloaded on pc using an android emulator.
  • The most popular one amongst it is Bluestacks.
  • Download the bluestacks from its official website.
  • After downloading and installing the bluestacks, it will ask you to log in through your Gmail account.
  • After logging through the Gmail account, you can download the telegram x by searching it on the search bar.
  • Once the results appear, download and install the telegram x, and then you’re good to go.


Features Of Telegram X For PC

❖ Design and looks

When you open the application, you’ll spot all the company changes compared to the older version. Its attractive UI is fast and smooth. You’ll face no amount of lag while navigating through the app.

Navigation in this app is so smooth that you can go through the app by swiping through various directions without even using the navigation buttons on your android smartphone.

It will give you smooth control over the window as you swipe your way out, making your experience more pleasing and soft.

Telegram X For PC
Telegram X For PC

Night Mode

As we all know, using a phone late at night can cause damage to your eyesight, as your cellphone throws blue light that is harmful to your eyes.

To tackle this problem, Telegram X introduced a feature called Night Mode which eventually disables all the bright light of the app and will turn it dark so that it doesn’t cause extra strain to your eyes.

It comes with two variants Night Blue and Night Black; you can choose any of these on your preference. You can turn the night mode on by going through settings>themes.

Telegram X For PC
Telegram X For PC


We all are aware of the embarrassment that funny auto-corrections give when the message has been sent and changes the whole context of the text.

Well, not anymore the new telegram version allows you to delete the text for you and the recipient, but it also gives you the feature to edit the text.

The new telegram x also comes with a feature where you can search Wikipedia pages, and YouTube videos and send gifs in the search bar with various inline bots.

Telegram X comes with the picture in picture mode, where you chat while watching the video simultaneously.

Telegram X also supports Code Markdown.

Telegram X For PC
Telegram X For PC


When selecting multiple images, some apps don’t give you a preview of a particular image chosen. But telegram x provides you with such a feature where you can preview the selected image.

We all are aware that the attachment size of the most mainstream app is less than 100MB. Well, in the case of telegram x, a user can easily send file sizes up to 1GB. It makes it easier for a user to pass heavy data to one another.

Apart from file sizes, Telegram has also worked on emoticons; its unique animated emoticons are very popular among users who find entertaining and fun activities to do in idle time.

Telegram X has also introduced a feature to send short video messages. A user just had to hold the click button on their phone, record the news, and then hit send.

Telegram is a cloud platform which means the data you receive is not directly stored in your gallery to make it purposely messy but stored in the cloud. For saving it in the gallery, you need to press that particular file and click on the save to gallery option.

Telegram X For PC
Telegram X For PC


Telegram X gives you the option to search a particular message from a long chat by simply providing it a keyword. That Telegram will get you rid of the hassle of scrolling up through that message.

Telegram provides you comfort in searching those keywords, but it keeps your conversation according to its date and time. If you wanted to read the chart of a specific date, you could go through it.

Telegram X For PC
Telegram X For PC


Telegram x provides you with 200 people to a group, which is more than any other instant messaging app in the market. Also, it has a unique part of a supergroup that has the capacity of adding 5000 members.


Telegram X doesn’t support video calls and group phone calls.


Telegram X has made it possible for people to communicate without being concerned about their shared data. Most instant messaging apps had failed to do so.

This article made you aware of the various features Telegram X held and gave you an alternative in case you’re looking for an app that cares about your privacy concern. Go through it, and you’ll face no difficulties using it.

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