Prince of Persia for PC, Windows, Mac [2023 Version]

Prince of Persia for PC is a 3rd action-adventure mystery video game made and published by Ubisoft Montreal in 2003 for most key consoles like PS, Xbox, and PC. It was distributed in the American continent by Ubisoft and in Asia by Sony Computer Entertainment.

Prince of Persia for PC

Prince of Persia is a remake of Jordan Mechner’s 1989 Apple II video game. The Sands of Time Trilogy begins with an egotistical young prince. His father battles the Maharajah’s realm in India and uncovers a mystical item known as the Dagger of Time that can manipulate time.

When the Vizier dupes him into unlocking the Hourglass of Time, he teams up with the princess of the captured Indian country to reclaim the Sands of Time. These magic sands convert anybody who comes into contact with them into horrible Sand Creatures.

What is Prince of Persia?

Persia’s Prince Sands of Time is a third-person action-adventure riddle game created and released by Ubisoft. It was unveiled in March 2003 and published in November 2003 for the PlayStation 2, Xbox, GameCube, Game Boy Advance, and Microsoft Windows.

The Sands of Time is Jordan Mechner’s revival of the Prince of Persia franchise. Mechner worked on The Sands of Time as a creative director and scene screenwriter.

The game chronicles the adventures of an untitled Prince whose father assaults a Maharaja’s kingdom on the orders of the state’s evil Vizier. Prince acquires an item known as the Dagger of Time during the invasion, while his army takes an hourglass carrying the Sands of Time.

When the Vizier takes a trip to Azad to offer the Sands a gift to the state’s rulers, he fools the Prince into unleashing the Sand, changing the city’s people into horrible creatures. The Prince engages with Maharaja’s daughter Farah to repair his error and restore the Sands to the hourglass.

The gameplay is centred on Prince’s platforming talents, interrupted by battles against the monsters spawned by the Sands. A critical component in the video game is using the Dagger to reverse time if the Prince performs a platforming error and executes and stuns monsters.

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Prince of Persia for PC

The Unique Gameplay of Prince of Persia For Pc

Prince of Persia for PC is a mystery adventure game developed by Ubisoft. The player has complete control over the game’s significant segment. It is a third-person perspective. The camera moves in this video game in response to the activities of the regions.

Prince can roam across all angles and is capable of blocking all processes. And the Prince’s vitality increases by sipping from the faucets and ponds. Users use firearms and engage in combat with their opponents.

The firearms and weapons explosives in this video game feature four critical measuring situations: the first view is when aiming with an elite gun, the second view is when facing the vehicle, and the third view is when firing.

In Prince Of Persia: a firearm of choice is discovered in a neighbourhood by a merchant on the town’s turf. Massive natural puzzles lead the Prince on a trip through several zones and enormous halls.

Numerous puzzles are appealing but require aid to solve. Opponents’ sands are affixed to his abilities and connected with the Dagger.

Prince of Persia for PC can delay time by as much as ten by seconds throughout the play if he performs platforming or hits the bucket. With Freeze time, players can freeze their enemies to help Prince kill them faster.

Prince Of Persia For PC
Prince Of Persia For PC

Features Of Prince Of Persia For PC

Excellent combat techniques

In the game, the Prince is equipped with fantastic combat techniques that help him to kill enemies at a high pace.


Users can perform various parkour activities like wall-running, long jumping, etc. the Prince has many acrobatic abilities.

Acrobatic killing techniques

This game consists of acrobatic techniques such as running towards the wall and rebounding to kill an enemy.

Control Time

With the help of the dagger, the prince can reverse time or travel back to time till 10 seconds.


This game consists of various riddles or puzzles that help Prince unveil places and halls and proceed him in his missions.


Prince can restore his health by drinking water from the pond or a faucet anywhere near him.


This is a mystical dagger that provides Prince with many magical abilities such as reversing time, instant kill, etc.; it lasts for a few seconds. However, Prince can replenish it by the sands he obtained by killing enemies.

Acrobatic Abilities

The character in this game comes with many acrobatic abilities such as wall-running, swinging on ropes, climbing along & across ledges, swinging on & jumping from poles, jumping onto & between pillars, & walking along beams.


This game comes with various monsters throughout the game, making it more challenging and intriguing to play.

Prince Of Persia For PC
Prince Of Persia For PC

How to download Prince of Persia for PC?

You can download the Prince of Persia trial version from the internet or either buy the game from the official source online or offline.

  • Visit Prince Of Persia from your browser.
  • Search Prince of Persia for Windows in the search bar of the website.
  • Click on the download for PC button.
  • A prompt will pop up, and downloading will start.
  • Wait for a few minutes until it gets downloaded.
  • Once the game is downloaded, open the file and install the game by clicking on setup.
  • It will take a few seconds to install, and then you will be able to play the game.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.  What is Prince of Persia?

Prince of Persia is an action-adventure game

2. What is the size of prince Persia?

The size of Prince of Persia is 250 MB

3. Can I play Prince of Persia for free?

Yes, you can play the trial version for free.


Prince of Persia for pc is an action-packed adventure game; its unique features and prince acrobatic abilities make it more intriguing to play. With world-class graphics, you can observe every detail of the game quickly. This article discussed various features that will help you understand this game much better.

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